The Dream School

Since it was founded in 2001, the Dream School has grown from a small, merry gang of misfits, to an international community of dreamers. Through online courses like Dreamwalking and The Dream Lodge, and through the in-the-body retreats and workshops that Toko-pa hosts around the world, thousands of dreamers have found meaningful friendship and belonging in our shared passion for dreaming. Below, please find some of the ways that you might consider joining us, as well as a number of resources to help you strengthen your dreaming practice:


Tips for Dream Recall

With few examples in our midst of powerful & skilled dreamers, some people spend a lifetime thinking that they just don’t dream, or that ‘remembering’ is an ability that doesn’t come naturally to them. But Dreaming is an artform which can be cultivated and practiced. In my experience, it takes very little to get your dreams flowing again. Click here for some of my best tips for dream recall.


Online Learning Community

Dreamwalking is a rich, 4-week course which explores what I consider the Cornerstones of dreamwork. Using an intimate blend of art, theory and practice, dreamers learn to understand the structure and language of dreams and develop the tools necessary to begin bridging their wisdom back to waking life. This 4-week course is offered seasonally and is excellent for beginner and intermediate dreamers.


The Dream Lodge is a council of women dedicated to the practice of dreaming together, honouring the wounds that shape us uniquely and moving through impediments to embolden our creativity in the world. In this intimate group of 13 women, each dreamer receives personal guidance with her own dreaming practice, learning to better understand and nurture the dreaming impulse which is working to align her with well-being & belonging. Dreamwalking is a prerequisite to this 8-week course.

Private Dreamwork with Toko-pa

Working privately with dreamers is one of the great joys of my work. Every dream is so powerful and unique, and always offers meaningful medicine to the dreamer. Some people come to me with a single dream they need help with, while others have been coming to me on a weekly basis for years. The practice of dialoguing with our dreams is so endlessly fulfilling, and it is ongoing privilege to support others in deepening their relationship with the magic of the Dreamtime. Click to use my online booking calendar to set up a single or recurring Dreamwork session with me over Skype or telephone.

Annual Women’s Retreat: Salt Spring Island

Every year women come from all over the world to this magical island in the sea with the shared intention of dreaming together in council. Embodying the Dream is a place of reunion for those of us who crave community with other women dreamers. Whether meeting for the first time or weaving in deeper, we practice at belonging together through embodied dreamwork.

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Videos and other Media

Ebbs and Flows in your Dreaming Practice (5:10 min YouTube )

Interview with Toko-pa on Dreams for CJLY (1 hour Mp3)

Herbalist Susun Weed interviews Toko-pa (interview begins at :30)

Toko-pa keynote Synchronicity Symposium  (7:17 YouTube)

Dreams & Healing Illness (1 hour Mp3: Interview for the Women’s Wellness Council)