Dreamwork Testimonials

  • “Do you ever get the feeling that someone you barely know, knows you so well? You! Thanks for helping me so much…you are a blessing to everyone who comes in contact with you.” — Robyn
  • “Thank you dear Toko-pa for the wonderful dreamwork session. Our time, your listening, my chance to unveil, and your insights truly shifted my perception into another plane. I am still being with the suggestion of seeing the forces in the dream as collaborative rather than opposing, and acknowledging the higher purpose in it all. Thank you for helping me further along the path of understanding and forgiveness towards others and to myself through this dreamwork.” — BH
  • “Woo! hoo! you changed my life in one phone call and i am smiling a HUGE delicious smile right now because i am so grateful!” — RG
  • “I actually thought that the dream I was coming to discuss  had become quite clear to me so, if anything, I thought I was just going to be validated for it. Nuh-uh. Oh my Goddess!  What happened in that space of an hour was pure magic – a healing conversation as I like to call them. Having the space held for me by someone so present as Toko-pa was, along with her very intuitive questions and gentle probing to go deeper,  enabled a BIG light bulb to go on and I realized something so profoundly healing from my dreams that up until that point I’d missed. Its been almost two weeks since the session, and I’m still feeling the effects of the Awareness gained by doing so.  The thing I recognize in having someone like Toko-pa to facilitate – present, aware, caring and supportive – is that the essence of a healing happens when someone who really cares, and knows their Gift, is Present to the person Receiving.” — Natasha Odnoral
  •  “As a story collector, orator and dreamer from way back, I’ve always believed that our dreams filter into life and back and forth like a collage. Sometimes there is no way to tell where dream ends and reality begins or whether the reality is the dream. I love your column Toko-pa. You are the freshest and most insightful writer I’ve read in a long time. You have reinspired me to take action on the radical trust I had, then lost and am refinding…” — DM
  • “Thank you for helping me sift through my dreams to see how perfectly in tune they are with my waking life.” — Rebecca
  • “I really appreciate how you encourage us to move out of our comfort zone into “the frontiers of understanding.” This to me is the sometimes rocky path to wisdom and growth.”  — LR
  • “Looking back on dreams I’ve shared with you I have loved how you’ve helped me see that so often the person in my dream is a symbol of myself and even if it seems ugly it’s really showing me the way to be fully set free.” — Rebecca Gerondale
  •  Thank you for guiding me in my artistic (and life) process as a mentor and friend. I always felt that dreams were special but you validated this for me, showing me that dreams can serve as a barometer to our life and guide us. I was astounded at how closely my dreams reflected real issues going on in my life and brought up some feelings long buried inside of me. I have been able to be more vulnerable in my personal and artistic life because of the work we have done together. — Danielle Greene
  • “Toko-pa has facilitated change for me by helping me to see the keys the dreams offer. Dreams are such phenomenal support, if that is an appropriate word. And Toko-pa is a conscious and deeply attuned worker.” — Jen Jorgensen
  • “It’s really exciting how much more sensory and dimensional my dreams have become. they were so flat in comparison before we started our work. ” — RG
  • “I just had a beautiful dream session with Toko-pa that has truly helped me and started something which may not otherwise have started and if it had it wouldn’t have been with the insights I got yesterday!”  — Madeleine
  • “Dear Toko-pa,  Thank you for your psychic midwifery.  Not sure if [my transformation] is a birth or re-birth but it feels wonderful and I am thankful for your part in it. I think what you’re doing is so important and you are remarkably good at what you’re doing.” — CM
  • “Thank you for the beautiful, sacred and safe place you make for me to meet myself in ways I never imagined. I love how the seeds of revelation that you patiently and gently pass on to me take root, germinate and bloom. The enormously luscious peony of my spirit keeps blooming and opening, blooming and opening. The old petals fall away to make space for the continuously opening new growth.”  — Rebecca
  • “Did I thank you yet for the illuminating warmth of our session? Thank you for holding space for what is most real in me.” — Sarah Lenoue
  • “I think the thing that continues to amaze me is that following dreams not only directs us to our true hearts desire, but other lovely things come along behind it that are unexpected. The trick is to take a deep breath and just do it. It is a bit radical isn’t it? But thank goodness there are places to affirm this kind of thinking. Wonderful work you’re doing!” — LS
  • “I wanted to share with you that in the last few months since our dreamwork session, I have been going through the motions of major spiritual and emotional, even physical levels of upheaval and release. Its almost impossible for me to describe in words but the session was definitely a pivotal element in guiding and awakening me to the overall process that I was both undergoing and manifesting.” — DB
  • So, I had a private session with Toko-pa today. I cannot recommend enough treating yourself to this. In fact, I would go so far as to put it in the category of self-care, rather than a treat. She was brilliant as always. I was able to go places I am not yet able to go on my own – the entire time, feeling such love and support. There were tears. Oh yes. There were tears. But there were beautiful tender, smiling, heart-swelling moments too. Amazing experience!! — JB

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