Dreamwalking is an online course on the subject of dreaming.

In this 4-week course you will be learning the Cornerstones of Dreamwork.

Using an intimate blend of art, theory and practice, dreamers learn to understand the structure and language of dreams & develop the tools necessary to begin bridging their wisdom back to waking life. This series is excellent for beginner and intermediate dreamers.

 Dreamwalking Registration

(Nov 13th – Dec 12th, 2020)

Meet Your Dreamwalking Guide

Toko-pa Turner
 is an award-winning author, teacher and dreamworker. Blending the mystical tradition of Sufism in which she was raised with a Jungian approach to dreamwork, she founded the Dream School in 2001 from which hundreds of students have since graduated.

As an authority on dreams, Toko-pa has been interviewed by CNN News and BBC Radio and has a community of over 100,000 online readers. Her bestselling book “Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home” explores the themes of exile, and the search for belonging. It was awarded the prestigious 2017 Gold Nautilus Award for its contribution to the field of Personal Growth.

Sometimes called a Midwife of the Psyche, Toko-pa’s work focuses on restoring the feminine, reconciling paradox, and facilitating grief and ritual practice.




Week 1: Dream Architecture

Dreamwork is an art as well as a science.  In this class, we learn to approach dreams in the same way we would a work of literature, film or painting; appreciating its mechanics as well as its poetry.   We will learn how to recognize the dramatic structure of a dream, isolate its key elements and bridge their symbolism back to waking life.


Week 2: Light in the Dark

Learning to actively dream involves finding balance between the light and dark sides of our nature.  In this class we will pay special attention to the Shadow and nightmares, learning how to read the warning signs of imbalanced attitudes.  We will explore the redeeming medicine of dark dreams and the importance of finding the light contained within them.


Week 3: Inner Marriage

Each of us contains both masculine and feminine qualities within.  It is only our gender conditioning that engrains a bias towards one or the other.  What results, is an impoverishment of our opposite-gender qualities.  In this class, we will learn how to integrate both through dreamwork, so that we can recover our wholeness as individuals, correspondingly healing our larger community.


Week 4: Dream Yourself Awake

Dreaming is a kind of archaeological process where we enter the landscape of the soul to unearth the forgotten or undiscovered parts of our selves.  As we begin to do away with unconscious, habitual behaviour, we awaken to a new way of being in the world.  We begin to walk the dream – turning inspiration into action. In this class, we will learn techniques for engaging our co-creative abilities in both dreaming and waking realities.



  • On Friday November 13th, you’ll receive an invitation to join an exclusive Facebook Group with your fellow Dreamwalkers.
  • You will then receive your weekly video lessons on Sunday of every week, along with your weekly study guides.
  • We meet for our Weekly Live Call (90 mins) via Uberconference on Saturdays at 10 -11:30 am (Pacific), starting Nov 21st. You can access these gatherings via telephone or by web. A recorded replay will be sent to you if you have to miss the class.
  • We will be working on actual dreams as a group in every Live Call, so you can learn intimately about the Dreamworking process.
  • Our private Facebook Group can be used throughout the week to share dreams with your fellow Dreamwalkers, start discussions, offer insights, and ask questions.



Earlybird tuition is $180.
Earlybird deadline is November 8th, 2020. Regular Tuition is $220.

This course always fills up, so I’d recommend registering quickly.

You will be given an option at registration to contribute to the Scholarship Fund to help those in need.

Some scholarships are available. Because of the many social and systemic barriers to attending courses such as these, special preference will be given to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour).

If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, please send me a letter about your interest, merit, and need, and be sure to include the amount you are applying for

Please consider that you may have something to barter in kind as well.

The scholarship deadline is November 8th, 2020 and we will notify applicants on the outcome in the following weeks.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.


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What Graduates of Dreamwalking Have to Say…

This course is a blessing. Everything resonates. – LG

Toko-pa’s Dreamwalking course is a magical exploration of the terrain of the Soul. Within a safe, supportive community of fellow dreamers, she guides us through the dark corridors and unknown doorways of our dreams, bringing us face to face with the ancient language and wisdom of the Soul. Sharing generations of knowledge across disciplines, Toko-pa provides each dreamer with a new set of tools to unlock the meaning behind the riddles of our dreams, and uncover the mysterious messages that they hold. Her intuitive, heart-centred approach is both welcoming and inspiring, allowing each dreamer to feel deeply connected to their greatest purpose, and helping us to see the pathway to get there, as laid out each night in our dreams. She is a true Wise Woman, Teacher, Friend. – K

You have helped me obliterate old ways of thinking and helped catapult me into a whole new understanding of my spirit and my place in the universe. – RG

Through this amazing course, and with the support of you special women, I have gained such profound clarity into what my next steps should look like as I embark on a new path that will fit me just right. Alongside this clarity, I have also birthed a new openness to facing the attitudes and habits that are likely to hold me back as I walk this new path. – E

One of the main gifts from this course for me has been in the finding of a deep respect for the stories that have been coursing through my psyche all along – deep, authentic, the old and the hatching. What a vast and powerful resource this is to help us move through life with more depth and authenticity. – E

Doing Dreamwalking with Toko-pa has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I have always been pulled towards dreams, but previous to meeting Toko-pa I had little insight into them. The class material Toko-pa shared with us worked at a very deep level of knowledge and consciousness. I felt that I was supported, at all times, in exploring at my own rhythm the levels of the dreams. In a short time I learned to practice dreaming in a fruitful manner. As the classes went by and new material was given, I felt I was acquiring in a natural way the language and the decoding needed to make the most of what dreams offer to us towards our waking life. I felt the group formed organically and the bases of it were love openness and generosity. This work is a precious gift. Through this work I have been able to connect with my ancestry, advance my personal healing and believe in my instinct. Mostly important, this brought me towards being able to handle the shadow and the light, realizing that it is part of the same process and that the more we give space for our own wildness without any apology, the more we are close to the universe, and it is there that we can construct build create and dream new ones. I can’t wait for Dreamwalking 2 to happen. It is an experience everyone should get the opportunity to embrace! So thank you Toko-pa for your generosity and your knowledge that you so lovingly share. With love honesty and light, Ambra Bergamasco

It has been really good to be here. And it shows that when we stick together things change under our eyes and fear dissolves under the soft fingers of love power acceptance compassion and generosity. Thank you Toko-pa for all your work – I truly have reconnected with something that is so so important to me. – AB

Dreamwalking begins Nov 13th, 2020
and spaces are limited. 

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