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Welcome to the Dream School. Whether you long to rekindle your dream life, deepen your understanding of their wisdom, or apprentice yourself to the path of Dreamwork, the Dream School has all the tools you’ll need.

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Learn the sacred art of dreamwork & belonging with online courses from Toko-pa

Listening In

Guided audio explorations and interviews with remarkable people

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Selected Toko-pa offerings arranged in bundles for value

Full Courses

Toko-pa’s most comprehensive offerings, these courses are self-guided explorations to deepen your understanding and develop skills for navigating a soulful dreaming – and waking – life.

Companion video course for individuals & groups wanting to dive deep into the concepts and practices of “Belonging” by Toko-pa. Registration gives you lifetime access to 20 videos (over 8 hours of content), a beautifully designed study guide (72-page PDF), a writing/discussion prompt for each chapter, and experiential “playwork” to put teachings into action, as well as access to Toko-pa’s Belonging Community on Facebook.

Dream Drops is a 30-day email course on Dreams, delivered right to your inbox! Designed in delicious daily drops of wisdom, practical guidance and playwork, to move you into a deeper relationship with your dreams.


Courting The Dream: A Guide to Understanding the Dream Structure, Key Elements, and Common Themes

In this rich e-book, you’ll receive an outline of Toko-pa’s 5-Key Process to Courting the Dream. In addition to this guide for how to move through the Dreamwork process, you will learn about the inherent structure and dramatic arc of a dream, discover how to isolate its key elements and reveal the meaning behind some of our most common dream themes.

Dreaming Together: How to Start and Sustain a Dream Group

It can be bittersweet to participate in a temporary dream community only to find yourself returned to daily life without anyone to share at that level of soulful intimacy. In this guide, Toko-pa offers her favourite tips for creating and sustaining a dream circle. You will learn how to facilitate a circle, including how to structure your time, how to give ethical feedback on a dream, and how to encourage participation and circular leadership. 

Dream Journal Workbook: Tips and Writing Prompts for Capturing the Ephemeral 

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to having a deeper relationship with your dreams is writing them down. They can be so difficult to capture and describe, and even when we do manage to write them down, we ask ourselves, “Now what?” In this e-book, you will receive tips and writing prompts to best capture your dream experience, methods to find the heart of more complex dreams, and exercises to involve your body in dreamwork.

Dream Recovery Kit: Tips for Dream Recall, Dream Incubation, and Overcoming Blocks

Designed for the individual who has lost touch with, is feeling estranged from, or is having trouble remembering their dreams, the Dream Recovery Kit is a guide to help you recover your dream life. This kit contains helpful techniques for overcoming your blocks, tips for dream recall, and exercises for deepening your practice. These include creating a Dream Altar and Dream Incubation—how to petition your dreams for answers to your biggest questions.


Encounters is a free 6-week series of intimate conversations with remarkable women devoted to deep inquiry on the topic of belonging.

In this beautiful 25-minute audio journey, Move Your Symbol, Toko-pa leads you on a somatic journey with one of your dream symbols.

Dreamwork Bundles

Dream Recovery Bundle 

Designed for the individual who is feeling estranged from their dreams, this bundle will help you cultivate a rich dream life. Begin with the Dream Recovery Kit to strengthen your dream recall and deepen your practice, then use the Dream Journal Workbook for tips and writing prompts to best capture the living quality of your dreams, and listen to the magical 25-minute audio somatic journey, Move Your Symbol, led by Toko-pa to involve your body in the dreamwork process. 

SPECIAL OFFER: $24 (Value $47)

Dream Integration Bundle

For the person ready to plunge deeply into dreamwork, this bundle includes all 3 elements of the Dream Recovery Bundle, but also includes Toko-pa’s 5-Key Process to Courting the Dream, an in-depth guide to moving through the Dreamwork process. You will learn the inherent structure and dramatic arc of a dream, discover how to isolate its key elements, and ask the right questions to reveal its meaning. This bundle also includes the Dreaming Together, a step-by-step guide to creating and sustaining a dreamsharing circle.

SPECIAL OFFER: $64 (Value $90)