My name, Toko-pa, was given to me by my parents. They chose it from a book of poems called Technicians of the Sacred, by Jerome Rothenberg. Toko-pa is a deity in the Maori creation myth, known as the “Parent of the Mist.” Over the years, I’ve come to think of that mist as the veil between the worlds, seen and unseen. Indeed, my life is a devotion to repairing the bridge between the dreaming and waking worlds.


I was born on a farm in Devon, in the south of England, and came to Canada at the age of four, where my maternal grandparents took refuge after the war in Poland. I was raised in a Sufi community in Montreal.

My greatest love has always been music. I play the guitar and sing, and in my early twenties I even toured with a band and recorded an album of original music. I strayed for a while into the music business, becoming an A&R executive for a record company.

Thanks to a dark-night-of-the-soul, I left that life and returned to the mystical teachings of Sufism and the study of dreams. I became deeply interested in Analytical Psychology and did a three-year internship at the Jung Foundation of Ontario. In exchange for making tea and taking registration, I got to sit at the feet of teachers like Marion Woodman, James Hollis, J. Gary Sparks, and other great Jungians.

Blending the mystical tradition of Sufism with a Jungian approach to dreamwork, in 2001 I went rogue and founded the Dream School. Out of the humble longing to share what I was learning, I began to teach and support others with their dreams in my private practice. Now, almost 17 years later, we have grown a network of more than a hundred thousand dreamers all over the world. In addition to tending dreams, my work focuses on restoring the feminine, reconciling paradox, elevating grief, and facilitating ritual.

In late 2017, I fulfilled a life-long dream and became a best-selling author with my first book, Belonging, a book about exile, and the search for Belonging.

Here are some ways to connect with me:

Beyond the Dreaming…

lightsculptures         music        photos

Isadora was a commissioned by a painter in Illinois. She has a driftwood base outfitted with a standard lightbulb fixture and her framework is made from reeds, paper & resin. She measures 1.5′ L x 2” H x 1.4′ W. SOLD $1700

Lightsculpture is a fine art combining driftwood, paper, reeds, and electricity to create one-of-a-kind lamps to illuminate any home or commercial space.

To live with a lightsculpture is to add a benevolent presence to your home. They are semi-translucent, almost shell-like and firm to the touch, yet they emanate a glowing, organic light.

Occasionally I have some in stock, but mostly create them on commission.


Talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Just listen.

video + photos

Musings and moments that caught my eye.


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