Artwork from Aurora Consurgens, Thomas Aquinas

In times of confusion and ambiguity, it’s helpful to remember that there is a numinous power that emerges from a coherent, divine source, and it knows which way to go. We can call this the “power from below,” because it is elemental, and quite physical. It is that organising intelligence that animates all life. It is the pattern-maker that stitches together our dreams, manifests in synchronicity, and arises in our longing or desire in the body. And if we can learn to follow and embody that power, it will lead the way out of the patriarchy.

This “power from below” is Sophia, an ancient Greek word which loosely translates into wisdom. You can find it in the root of the word philosophy, which is the “love of wisdom,” but perhaps more accurately described as KnowingSophia is the inner knowing that gets clearer and stronger as we dismantle the old power structures, but she is also the outer knowing that appears in the waking dream, in synchronicity and symbolic events in our lives.

Sophia is that which knows about fate and time, and the life/death/life cycle. As my friend and Jungian analyst J. Gary Sparks puts it, “Wisdom is a knower in you. Not something that you know, something that knows you. There’s a reversal of centrality.”

Sophia has been called the feminine manifestation of god in matter. I often refer to her as the holy in nature, a term taught to me by Martin Prechtel. I love this way of framing Sophia because it holds both the spiritual and earthly realms together.

As we enter this powerful season of change, consider which way the energy of Sophia wants to move your life? Whatever terrible thing is happening to you, can you choose it? Can you give a good death to that which is leaving you? Can you, at the same time, trust in the as-yet-unmanifest life that sparkles to you like starlight across time and space?