2019 Embodying the Dream Retreat

Now in our 6th year, the Embodying the Dream retreat has always been a place of reunion for those who want to weave in deeper with others committed to the soul’s call.  Many of those original women have returned year after year, laying the foundations for this vibrant community. And because we practice at belonging with our selves in their glorious entirety, the new ones feel instantly as if they’ve always belonged.

Every year we circle around a central theme to guide our dreamwork practice – and this year it was the Power of Sophia. We were staggered by the number of synchronicities and dreams that constellated around this devotion. 35 exquisite women showed up in every way imaginable for our special blend of dreamwork mingled with ritual, practiced with embodiment, song, and communion with the land.

Thanks to the generous donations of our community and Stowel Lake Farm, this year we were able to create 3 scholarship positions for some who might otherwise not be able to attend. To learn more about that, click here.

I can not say what a privilege it is to witness our evolution over a handful of years, as we step more confidently onto the path of our true Belonging. Aren’t we gorgeous?