Artwork by Caroline Maniere

“The Summer Solstice is not a time for modesty. The wild world is not shy about its beauty and gifts. Plants and creatures are engaged in a no-holds-barred life-fest of blossoming and flourishing, each according to its unique essence, place, and purpose in this glorious weaving of Mother Earth.” – The Path of She, by Karen Clark

There is a wildness in each of us. A way of walking, a set of spots, an inclination, a blinking impulse towards which we are silently drawn. Like an elephant finding water in a desert it’s never traveled, or a bird coming to fly with brand new wings, we all have this instinctual capacity. It is the animal in us, which knows what it knows, and is the origin from which all creativity is expressed.

But in my practice I work with many medicine people who have sent their gifts for dreaming, seeing, and creativity into exile. These gifts, often forged in the belly of trauma, are sent into hiding because the world feels too hostile to use them in the open.

Many take the path well-worn instead, because it guarantees safety. The way has been mapped and we know were it leads. But the price we pay is the life half-lived. To those willing to brave the dark thicket of fear and grief for the chance of an encounter with the true self, there is a promise, a remembering, a returning to love, magic, and purpose.

There is a wildness under our skin which wants nothing more than to dance until our feet are sore, sing our beautiful grief into the rafters, and offer our bottomless cup of creativity as a way of life. Originality is really the practice of unhindering what’s already there. By originality, I mean that Grandmother Well, from which every human being drinks. That which is dreaming us. You might call it god, nature, source, instinct, but whatever word you use, it is the great unfolding through us.

This is not a time for modesty. Take a page from the book of Nature, which is blooming and buzzing and proliferating with abandon. Let yourself be expressed as the earth is, with a generosity that comes from encountering your own plenty.

Solstice is not a time for modesty. Let yourself be expressed as Nature; with abandon.Click To Tweet

Know that unhindering yourself is essential to belonging because your creative offering is like a holy signal to those who carry a similar vibratory signature. In hearing or seeing what you’ve created, they will find a sense of belonging with you and, in being found, so will you with them.

This text has been adapted from my book Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home

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