Dearest Dreamers,

After a boat ride, three airplanes and a long drive through the Mojave Desert, I finally arrived in Joshua Tree in the black of night. When I awoke at dawn, I stumbled out of my cabin into what felt like another planet.

Austere, hot and bracingly still, the next few days in our temporary temenos called the Synchronicity Symposium would prove to be one of the most magical weekends of my life.

joshua-tree-collageI am so grateful to Gary Bobroff, the visionary behind this astounding gathering of scientists, psychologists, death doulas, dreamworkers, beekeepers and artists, all of whom came together on this holy ground to weave a living bridge back to the invisible world behind this one.

My own offering on what I call the Competencies of Belonging was so generously received that for days, every few steps I would take was blessedly interrupted by an intimate encounter with a stranger who would openly share their gratitude and grief with me.

My own greatest longing, to touch the sleeping hearts of others, was so tremendously realised that I continue to feel buoyed in this writing, and this work.

For those of you that weren’t able to make it this year, here some of my great highlights:

Love and lucidity,