Beloved Dreamers,

I’m writing to you from the good side of a month-long sabbatical through July in which I immersed myself deeply in my writing On Belonging.

Though I’ve been gently cradling this in my contemplation for the last two years, I finally became ready to roll up my sleeves and put my shoulder to the wheel of articulating all that I have discovered.

I am amazed by how vast and intricate this inquiry into Belonging really is and am so eager to share this writing with you in the form of a book! An actual, physical, bound, sealed and delivered book! Whooo!

Of course there are many steps between here and there. I’ve heard writing a book described as ‘reverse childbearing’ in that you do the big labour first and then wait for 9 months until the thing emerges :).

I’m sure I’ll call upon your support to bring this dream into materiality, but in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy these previews below along with a few other entry-points into this good work.

Love and lucidity,

 A Slow Emergence

Emily Kell

Artwork by Emily Kell

“Emergence never happens all at once. It is a slow stepping into the expanded capacity of your next self. You may need practice at releasing in those places you’ve grown accustomed to bracing which, like a tight swaddle, was comforting in its limits. But when the time to remain hidden comes to its natural end, you must begin to inhabit your new dimensionality. Breathe into the fullness of your gaining altitude and consider that what presents itself as fear may actually be exhilaration. As your future approaches you, worry less how it may receive you and say a prayer instead for your becoming approachable.”

Excerpted from the upcoming book “On Belonging” © Toko-pa Turner 2014

Artwork by Emily Kell’s Art



Synchronicity Symposium in Joshua Tree, California

Synchronicity Symposium in Joshua Tree, California

California Dreaming

As you may know, I’ll be presenting at the Synchronicity Symposium in Joshua Tree this September! The focus of my presentation will be on Embodying the Dream: Living into Belonging.

“Belonging spins itself out from the center of the Self in the form of dreams and synchronicity. These living images call the dreamer forward, step by tentative step along their gossamer threads, into an increasingly intimate conversation with our lives and embodiment of our soul’s values until we find ourselves anchored in a meaningful life.” – Toko-pa Turner

If you are unable to come for the whole weekend, you can now attend my 2-hour intensive on September 15th as a standalone registration: Click here to find out more.





Dreamwalking: a 4-week Online Dreamwork Course

Dreamwalking: New Dates!

Sept 22nd – Oct 18th, 2014  (Nov 17th – Dec 13th, 2014)
I’m happy to announce new dates for this hugely popular online course. It tends to fill up rather quickly, but please don’t worry if you don’t get in this round. I’ll consider offering it again in the winter months. Click here to register.

A recent Dreamwalking graduate had this to say: Toko-pa’s Dreamwalking Course is a beautiful journey into the magical realm of dreaming. A gentle, scholarly and intuitive guide, Toko-pa accompanies us into the depths of our psyche to discover that we can navigate unknown dimensions, trust strange characters and feel safe amidst the unfamiliar and often bizarre worlds of our personal dreamtime. With her attentive instruction we discover that the language of metaphor, poetry and myth is part of our dream and waking states. This enriching experience truly opens and deepens intimacy and confidence in self. I look forward to the next course.

Myth in the Mojave

Myth in the Mojave

Interview on Myth in the Mojave

Last week I had the priviledge to be a guest on Myth in the Mojave, with mythologist Dr. Catherine Svehla who interviewed me on ‘Embodying the Dream.’ Click here to listen to our 30 minute conversation.