Artwork by 'Curious3D'

Artwork by ‘Curious3D’

Once I’ve been given a Dream answer or, in many cases, a poetic refining of my question, I look for ways to Dream it Forward. What I mean by that language is; if the generosity of the Dream is ignored or discarded, the gift is not fully received.

Similar to listening to someone with only cursory attention, it can do more harm than good. It unconsciously communicates your disinterest and so you won’t be surprised when a distance, a forgetting, develops between you.

What really makes someone feel seen and loved, is when you listen with the fullness of your presence. Presence is a kind of silent vow to our inseparability. And at some future point, when you hand back the other’s pieces, which you have been carrying as your own, to say, ‘I remember this,’ then the tenderness of your intimacy grows.

To fully acknowledge a dream means finding ways to walk it in the world: to materialise the ineffable. Maybe this just means carrying your symbol in your heart, letting it change the way you see things, or maybe you’ll render the dream in paints or song. Perhaps you’ll fashion an altar for your animal helpers, or maybe you’ll even take the risk you’ve been prompted to take, stepping further in the direction you know you’ve been nudged.

So long as you enflesh or ritualise the teaching you’ve been given, you are showing a respect for magic which makes you trustworthy of greater miracles and causes them to grow in number and potency.

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