Someone recently asked me, “In your Dreamworking practice, have you seen a collective theme in the kinds of dreams people had in 2012?”

I paused for a moment to reflect on the epic tapestry of dreamers I’ve been blessed to work with in this last year, and the answer crystalised.

“The Rise of the Feminine. In men and women alike, there is a tenacious chipping away at the internalised, calcified Patriarchy to rouse the long-Sleeping Beauty of the heart.

AP/Kevin Frayer

Dreamers are toppling patriarchy’s worst tyrants; Perfectionism, Prestige and Power over others. We are learning to live unsplit-off from our vulnerability and our sacred endowments.

Grief, long-stopped up in the body, rushes like a torrent yearning for self-love, fertilising everything. The child-heart remembers its innocence and belonging.

We are drawing out the sudden shoots of creativity, vitality and empowerment. We are coronating our inner-authority. We are wearing red and letting our voices be heard. We are, like an ecosystem, carrying our responsibility together.”

I can’t wait to see what we dream in 2013.