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In this 4-week online course, November 3rd to December 2nd, you will be learning the Cornerstones of Dreamwork. 

Using an intimate blend of art, theory and practice, dreamers learn to understand the structure and language of dreams & develop the tools necessary to begin bridging their wisdom back to waking life.  This series is excellent for beginner and intermediate dreamers. 

The weekly online classes will cover the following topics:


Week 1: Dream Architecture

Dreamwork is an art as well as a science.  In this class, we learn to approach dreams in the same way we would a work of literature, film or painting; appreciating its mechanics as well as its poetry.   We will learn how to recognize the dramatic structure of a dream, isolate its key elements and bridge their symbolism back to waking life.

Week 2: Light in the Dark

Learning to actively dream involves finding balance between the light and dark sides of our nature.  In this class we will pay special attention to the Shadow and nightmares, learning how to read the warning signs of imbalanced attitudes.  We will explore the redeeming medicine of dark dreams and the importance of finding the light contained within them.

Week 3: Inner Marriage

Each of us contains both masculine and feminine qualities within.  It is only our gender conditioning that engrains a bias towards one or the other.  What results, is an impoverishment of our opposite-gender qualities.  In this class, we will learn how to integrate both through dreamwork, so that we can recover our wholeness as individuals, correspondingly healing our larger community.

Week 4: Dream Yourself Awake

Dreaming is a kind of archaeological process where we enter the landscape of the soul to unearth the forgotten or undiscovered parts of our selves.  As we begin to do away with unconscious, habitual behaviour, we awaken to a new way of being in the world.  We begin to walk the dream – turning inspiration into action. In this class, we will learn techniques for engaging our co-creative abilities in both dreaming and waking realities.

How it works:

  • Once you’ve registered, the next email you’ll get will be on the Friday before our start date, containing an invitation to join an exclusive Facebook Group with your fellow Dreamwalkers, where all of our discussions will take place.
  • You will then receive your weekly video lessons on Sunday of every week, along with your weekly study guides.
  • We meet for our Weekly Live Call via Instant Teleseminar on Saturdays from 10-11:30am (PT) beginning November 11th. You can access these gatherings via Telephone, Web Call or by Webcast (listen-only). Though I do recommend showing up in real time, the recording will be available to all members if you have to miss the class.
  • We will be working on actual dreams as a group in every Live Class, so you can learn intimately about the Dreamworking process.
  • Our private Facebook Group can be used throughout the week to share dreams with your fellow Dreamwalkers, start discussions, offer insights, and ask questions.



Click here to read some Testimonials from Graduate Dreamwalkers



Earlybird tuition is $180. Earlybird deadline is October 13th, 2017.

Regular Tuition is $220.

Final registration deadline is Thursday, November 2nd (please know that this course always fills up quickly, so I’d recommend registering long before this deadline).

If you are in Canada and would prefer to pay in CAD by Interac e-transfer, please contact us directly to register.

You will be given an option at registration to contribute to the Scholarship Fund to help those in need.

Some scholarships are available and will be considered on interest, merit & need. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, please send a mind & heartful letter to me here. Consider that you might have something of equal value that you’d like to offer in barter for the tuition.  

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

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A writer, artist and tender of dreams, Toko-pa has been interviewed by CNN News & BBC Radio and her writing has appeared in publications around the world. Thanks to Skype, she works with dreamers internationally in her Private Dreamwork practice, based on Salt Spring Island in Canada. You can find Toko-pa on Facebook or sign up for her mailing list to receive news about upcoming events.

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  74 Responses to “Dreamwalking – A 4-week (online) Course on Dreams”

  1. Hi Toko-pa I would love to join your dream your work,its a delight!Looking forward to delving deep.Maya

  2. I am looking forwards to this! Will join now.

  3. would love to join….when is the next class… the interim could I have an interpretation to some recurrent themes?

  4. Hi Toko-pa! Can you notify me when you set the dates for the next course? I would like to join! I am very intrigued and excited about the work… Thank you.

  5. When is the next one!!!!

  6. Hi, please give more information, you can send it To My email. I’d like to know the exact price of this course and what time it will be on, I live in the UK, would that be a problem? Thanks

    • Done! As long as you can attend the Saturday classes (7 pm your time), you’re good to go. The rest of the material you can review at your own leisure and contribute to discussions online anytime.

  7. Hi, when your next course?

  8. Hi Tokp-Pa, Could you let me know please when you are announcing your next workshop.

  9. Dear Toko-pa,

    I’m joining your course. Been waiting for it. Would the call be available via web? from India, that is the option that’s feasible for me.
    I’ve just sent you an email. Hope to receive your reply soon, so that I can register.
    much love

  10. Hi,

    Finally should work. Paid the early bird fee as well.


  11. Hi Toka-pa,
    Just registered thru paypal. So excited!!

  12. Dear Toko-pa
    Had been waiting for your next course on dreams! I just paid try paypal! Is there anything else I have to do to register???
    Enjoyed your drop-in-dreaming a lot <3

  13. I’m here too!!!

  14. I am very interested in taking part part in the Dream course next time you offer it…’love your energy…

  15. […] Registration is only available to graduates of Toko-pa's Dreamwalking Course. If you haven't already taken the Dreamwalking Course and want to attend, I will be offering the course one final time before the retreat, February 18th-March 16th. You can register for that here. […]

  16. I am registering as the first of February. Can’t wait! I love what I’ve read of your work.

  17. This sounds interesting. How do the twice weekly ‘meet-up/discussions’ take place?
    I’ve been on an online course in the past & we’ve communicated via a Ning forum, but it sounds like your discussions will be live?
    I live in the UK (8 hours ‘ahead of PST) so could make the Saturday discussion.

    • Hi Melinda! We hold the live chats on Facebook within a private group, which allows us real time thread refreshing. Also you’ll be able to access the group at anytime throughout the month, starting and contributing to discussions at your leisure. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  18. Hi Toko-pa ~

    Trying to figure out if my schedule will allow me to take this course. What day/time will you hold your sessions?

    xoxoxo Maggie

    • Hi dear Maggie! I’d love to have you join us 🙂 You can read all the details of our class times under the “How It Works” section of the above post! Lots of love, Toko-pa

  19. Dream work is emerging in my life again. Your integrity and humility resonates and is refreshing. What are the times for the course? Arizona time.

    • Hi dear Lynda – glad to hear you might join us for this wonderful course! We are in the same time zone, so you can just refer to the class times in the “how it works” section above. Warmly,

  20. I clicked on the register now button and it took me straight to paypal. I paid with my account and hope that means I am registered… So very excited to work with and learn from you!

  21. Greetings, Toko-pa…I am interested in these studies…just learning about them now and will actually be heading to Vancouver Island to visit with family on April 28th for a week….then on to Calgary for another week before heading home to Winnipeg and packing up for six weeks in Rome. The web programming would suit my lifestyle best…but not having factored this particular session into my reality…is it possible it will be held again another time? Dreams have always held great interest for me and I’m transported to a rich world and do a lot of my healing work there. Look forward to learning more. With thanks….A.

  22. Toko-pa, I just recently discovered you via FB. I would love to register for your next course when it becomes available. Your work is beautiful, sacred, and powerful. I am so looking forward to learning and discovering more <3

  23. […] by popular demand, I’m happy to announce new dates for Dreamwalking: A 4-week online Course on Dreaming. It tends to fill up quickly so be sure to register early if the timing feels right for […]

  24. So sorry I missed this session. Please keep me abreast of your next offerings. Thank you so much.

  25. Just signed up… SOOO excited about this! 🙂

  26. Signed up already! Yoohoo! So looking forward to this. 🙂

  27. Toko-pa: Both live sessions are pretty bad for me unfortunately. The Saturday one is at 3am HK time while the Wed one clashes with a regular weekly meeting I have at work. I can try Saturday but would you consider moving the Wed session? No worries if you can’t, I’ll try the 3am sessions or listen to the recordings.

    • Alas Yvonne, these times are set. I hope you can move that weekly work meeting, but if not, the live discussions will be there for you to read at any time.

  28. I very much would like to dream course. It will be difficult for me to do these dates because I will be travelling. Will you be doing more courses like this in the near future. By the way, I think your site is amazingly wonderful. Love it. Delphine.

    • Hi Delphine,

      Actually the February course filled up rather quickly, so I’m now offering a second round of Dreamwalking (March 24th – April 19th). Hopefully those dates will work for you.

      • Thank you. I’m delighted to hear this and not at all surprised that the course filled up quickly. How do I go about registering for the March course? Many thanks, Delphine

  29. Sorry, my mind got confused with dates. I’ll carry on with registration and look forward to doing the course.

  30. I would love to do the course but don’t have the $ at the moment to register. Is the course close to being full? 🙂 In love and light, with Gratitude. xo

  31. […] also signed up for a Dreamwalking course in March (the February class sold out), with the brilliant and beautiful Toko-pa Turner, who […]

  32. I can’t wait to start!!!! I signed up for the one starting in March 🙂
    Although, I’m confused as to what to write in my calendar…
    Our first video lesson will be sent to us on the 21st, so when is our actual first online class meeting? Wednesday the 26th at 7PM (pst)? Just want to be sure so I can write it in correctly!
    Thanks so much!!!!

  33. woohoo! just registered. so excited!

  34. Hello Toko-pa,
    Do you know when you will be offering this course again after the May session? I’m not sure I can make it in May so trying to find out if there’s another planned. Sound phenomenal! I have a rich dream life and would be so honored to work with you.
    Thanks much!

    • YES me too I HOPE there’s another dream course after May 🙂 Time zone friendly & Nelson bound, embedded in self healing <3
      Im patient though incredibly excited about being a part of this creation!!
      YOU!! goodness gracious.

  35. Yes, I too would like to know when you the next DreamWalk course might be offered again. Hopefully another this year?? …Would be a dream come true!

  36. […] Sept 22nd – Oct 18th, 2014 I’m happy to announce new dates for this hugely popular online course. It tends to fill up rather quickly, but please don’t worry if you don’t get in this round. I’ll consider offering it again in the winter months. Click here to register. […]

  37. Looking forward to taking dreaming to a new level, diving deeper. Thankyou for the opportunity, Toko-pa.

  38. I would very much like to be in the next course; please keep me informed. I’ve just found your site and will follow until the next course to become familiar with your work. Namaste for posting! A new door has opened.

  39. Greetings Toko-pa, I would be so grateful to be able to join this course if a space happens to become available. I feel the timing is right and so felt to connect with you. If not, I look forward to the opportunity next time you offer it. Thank you x

  40. can we make payments for the class ? Like a layaway?

  41. I just signed up for the course am looking forward to the journey…My seasonal Solstice gift to myself…ready explore dreams more..

  42. What if I rarely dream. How would this work?

  43. May I please get an email as well when next class date is set?

  44. Greetings dear Toko-Pa, I am so drawn to doing this course with you but am just trying to work out the time zone difference. Where abouts are you in the US so I can work out what time it will be here. Also just wanting to confirm that this course is indeed running this August, 2015. Blessings to you, Lucy

  45. Hello was wondering…. l rarely remember my dreams, most of the time l don’t dream at all.
    but l want to know more about when l do dream. sounds crazy l know.
    would love to know your thoughts.

    many thanks claudia

  46. If we are repeating this course is it still the same price?

    • Hi Maria!

      If you already took Dreamwalking, you should still have access to all the course materials. No need to take it a second time! Let me know if you have any questions!


  47. I’d love to join the next dreamwork course – how often do you do them? I’m in Australia so probably would watch the recordings afterwards…

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