People often ask me, “If dreams are so important, why are they so difficult to remember?”

Consider for a moment how deeply invested we are in what we call Reality. Rationalism is the pervasive myth of our time, occupying the lion’s share of our thoughts & motivations. So focused are we on navigating the literal, material world, that we’ve atrophied our relationship with the symbolic life.

When we wake up from a dream, it appears as a jumble of nonsense, so we set about forgetting it. The more we forget our dreams, the more they forget us.You see, forgetting is a passive choice. We choose unconsciousness because, somewhere deep in our bones, we know that Remembering is not only an act of rebellion that will carry us far out onto the fringes of consensus reality, but a choice that also carries a great responsibility.

Once we see the power we possess as autonomous individuals, we are beholden to its brave use. Remembering means looking at that which cannot be unseen, and offering our service to its resurrection.