After many years, I finally feel able to connect to those buried parts of myself and have been amazed at what happens after I do connect. I can tell you it turns out exactly the opposite of what I’ve always thought would happen. – KO

The depth and the richness of what we are receiving in this class is beyond what I expected and immensely appreciated. – SW

Dearest Toko-pa, I am most grateful for your soul-filled teachings. I thoroughly enjoyed Dreamwalking and honor the wisdom you so beautifully shared. Thank you so much. – TB

Doing Dreamwalking with Toko-pa has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I have always been pulled towards dreams, but previous to meeting Toko-pa I had little insight into them. The class material Toko-pa shared with us worked at a very deep level of knowledge and consciousness. I felt that I was supported, at all times, in exploring at my own rhythm the levels of the dreams. In a short time I learned to practice dreaming in a fruitful manner. As the classes went by and new material was given, I felt I was acquiring in a natural way the language and the decoding needed to make the most of what dreams offer to us towards our waking life. I felt the group formed organically and the bases of it were love openness and generosity. This work is a precious gift. Through this work I have been able to connect with my ancestry, advance my personal healing and believe in my instinct. Mostly important, this brought me towards being able to handle the shadow and the light, realizing that it is part of the same process and that the more we give space for our own wildness without any apology, the more we are close to the universe, and it is there that we can construct build create and dream new ones. I can’t wait for Dreamwalking 2 to happen. It is an experience everyone should get the opportunity to embrace! So thank you Toko-pa for your generosity and your knowledge that you so lovingly share. With love honesty and light, Ambra Bergamasco

I don’t think I would have survived if not for this course. – LR

Thank you Toko-pa for your wealth of knowledge and passion through this course. – MC

I have held off writing a testimonial for Toko-pa because at every opportunity to write down the impact this mentor, beautiful woman, shadow champion has had on me, something even bigger from her has come forth.Nearly 3 months have gone by that I’ve met with her each week feeling as I did as a little girl first of the school year. I will happily study Toko-pa’s work endlessly and her course Dreamwalking has provided me tools, and yet, they scarcely scratch the surface to her wisdom. I’m like a hungry dog relentless for even a bone when it comes to Toko-pa Turner.How have I been transformed working with her? I began with her wanting the “Ultimate Relationship”. My dream last night I stood in an ocean as warm as I, the air smelling of roses and a blessing of love from dear friends. Do you see? I was in an ocean of bliss! I made it. I made it back home. I am the Ultimate Relationship.I listen to my dreams now because we are speaking the same language. I have themes and familiar encounters which play themselves out in waking times. As I awaken to this the veil between dreaming and waking has thinned. I am at times now dreaming awake, and waking in my dream. The veil thinning and medicine stronger.Most of all what I have gained from this incredible woman is to be ok with me. I used to believe I was damaged beyond repair. Now, the bumps and bruises are my gifts. My life has become my work of art and Toko-pa creates a safe place to feel emotions, to feel into my shadow, to ride grief into the sunset.I take grief out to dinner now. We have a fine relationship and love for each other.Life is better with Toko-pa, her words, her medicine, her midwifery of hidden mysteries. I am forever grateful. – Jessica Beck

It has been really good to be here. And it shows that when we stick together things change under our eyes and fear dissolves under the soft fingers of love power acceptance compassion and generosity. Thank you Toko-pa for all your work – I truly have reconnected with something that is so so important to me. – AB

I am in awe and gratitude of you, Toko-pa, and have been taking some quiet time the last couple days marveling at what a blessing it is to know you, but also to know that there is this something like a wildfire of beautiful shared growth. – LG

I hardly know where to begin in thanking you for what I have received and know I will continue to receive from you through having done the Dreamwalking course. I am already profoundly enriched in my creativity and self-knowledge. I can’t tell you how empowering it is for me to do this work as…well, I have this internal tussle with wanting deeply to learn from the wisdom of others, and yet rejecting/mistrusting the teacher once I get deep into their teaching. Not because I distrust the teacher’s intention, but rather because I fear I am getting lost in ‘their way’ and losing my sense of autonomy and how I want to live in the world. The beauty of the dream work is it connects me to my own inner teacher, whom I know is guiding me to live my life according to me! The journey is learning how to build the bridge between this constant source of inner guidance that you have opened me to. I feel strongly that this is only the beginning, I feel like a real novice, and I am happily so for now. I trust that my journey with understanding the symbols and bringing forth the creativity into my waking life will be my own unfolding in the right time. – NW

When I listened to the Inner Marriage video I felt like it was speaking directly to my life. Thank you so much, Toko-pa! – NK

Toko-pa, I really appreciate your acceptance of all feelings and experiences (waking and dreaming) to be tools for gaining wisdom and, as you say, to embody spirit. In the Dreamwalker course you were professional and warm, a great leader who was not afraid to show her vulnerability. Lao Tzu says, “To be a great leader is like cooking a small fish, one must do it lightly”, you are indeed a great leader in every sense of the word. – LR

It is really so so amazing how we are all over the world and we are here together sharing pieces of the same image…maybe that is why we are here! – AB

This course is a blessing. Everything resonates. – LG

I have been following Toko-pa’s blog and offerings on Facebook over the past year and learned much from her about the kind of relationship I want to have with my beautiful, rich, generous dreams. I’ve always been curious about my dreams which have been sporadically vivid over the years – and since giving them more of my attention over the past few months they have responded and flourish! It’s amazing what I have learnt about myself and the world this way and it’s only the beginning!

I recently completed Toko-pa’s online course on ‘Dreamwalking’, which has greatly deepened my relationship to the unconscious, creativity, and my own inner wisdom. Toko-pa guides us gently through this learning with honesty, depth and humour.‎

Toko-pa – I am deeply grateful for all the wisdom you have shared. I have taken so much from this course. – NA

My compassion for myself has really grown these past few weeks and i am finding great joy in being able to extend that to everyone i meet in my life. – VP

How glad I am that I serendipitously found your page, and now have the opportunity to share in the experience of this course. Your video’d course materials are so clear. You seem to be speaking right to me, and have such a friendly, open demeanour.  You do have a fine gift as a intelligent, clear communicator. I really appreciate your warmth and genuineness. I am grateful in that core of me. – LG

I have learned and moved so much with the help of this group. – KO

Suzanne Luedkens: Toko-pa’s Dreamwalking Course is a beautiful journey into the magical realm of dreaming. A gentle, scholarly and intuitive guide, Toko-pa accompanies us into the depths of our psyche to discover that we can navigate unknown dimensions, trust strange characters and feel safe amidst the unfamiliar and often bizarre worlds of our own personal dreamtime. With her attentive instruction we discover that the language of metaphor, poetry and myth is part of our dream and waking states. This enriching experience truly opens and deepens intimacy and confidence in self. I look forward to the next course.

Danielle Greene: Thank you for guiding me in my artistic (and life) process as a mentor and friend. I always felt that dreams were special but you validated this for me, showing me that dreams can serve as a barometer to our life and guide us. I was astounded at how closely my dreams reflected real issues going on in my life and brought up some feelings long buried inside of me. I have been able to be more vulnerable in my personal and artistic life because of the work we have done together.

CJay: In this course I’ve found magic, healing, and a mirror of the places I am still struggling to bring light to and fully transform. Again- thank you to those who are willing to say “oh, you are in the darkness, let me shine my light there with you so you can see to find your way, and your shadowy fears can be seen for what they are.” This is the most healing friends can give each other, I believe. To not be afraid to peer into the dark together, knowing nothing is ever broken, we are whole.
Much gratitude to Toko-pa for her masterful leadership and her incisive way of getting to the truth of our dreamstories (or waking stories) so quickly and gently. Such beautiful leadership.

Julie: Toko-pa’s…strong and graceful guidance sets the tone for this very special sacred space.

Aurea Hora: Looking forward to any future/new courses you may offer Toko-pa…! It is always awesome to find teachers such as you. It has been amazing to witness your exceptional and soulful dreamwork skills.

Christina: I just wanted to express to you how wonderful all the Dreamwalking experiences have been – the one on one sessions, the vibrant and diverse energies of the lovely group of dreamers. Your deeply loving and steadfast guidance allowed for all of us to step into more expansive versions of self – at our own rate, in our own way.
When I embarked on this deliberate journey into my own consciousness almost a year ago, I never imagined to be here – feeling the way I do now, having the inspirations, experiences, synchronicities. Discovering a different history of selfhood – common themes linking events instead of linear time. SO MUCH FUN!

Aurea Hora: I’ve been telling friends, colleagues about what I am studying (in the Dreamwalking Course) and it has been incredible to see how people open up. They are curious and interested. Dreamwalking offers powerful soul medicine that we can access by tending to our dreams. I have felt like I have been reconnecting with on old language I’d forgotten. The dreamsharing and witnessing dreamwork take place, gives a wonderful sense of tribal medicine.

Ginger; Deep Gratitude (for the Dreamwalking Course). I am observing changes already naturally unfolding and manifesting in reality. Thank you.

Maddie Yoga:Deep gratitude for the teachings you offer Toko-pa Turner and for the safe space you so naturally created for us to open up, share, observe, put out our inner most selves to the group. Deep gratitude to all the wonderful Dreamers in this group, for giving all you gave, and beautiful words describing processes, emotions and evolutions I recognize and always had a difficult time verbalising. This was just simply the most wonderful Dreamwalking experience I could have wished for. A big, heartfelt THANK YOU!

Christina: I love how this course inspired everybody to show up at their own pace and allowed for both deep diving into ourselves or staying more on the periphery. I feel my internal and external vision has been honed :for my own psyche but also for its reflection around me and how it connects into a tapestry of multidimensional experience. Thank you to all of you!

Denise: Life has been on fast forward, but Dreamwalking has been a true life, reconnecting me to my true self.

Sharon: We have been a community of journeyers into our dreams’weavings, leading us into deepening understanding of ourselves. I am so so grateful for this incredible space that Toko-pa has led us to create…with its colorful riddles and sensuous symbols …enabling us to nurture & share our growth!

Savita:I love how the dreams are unraveled… so gently. Thank you Toko-pa for opening up these dream fruits.

Aurea Hora: I really like the way you integrate, with soulful wisdom, the human and spirit paradox. Makes more sense to my understanding. Very grateful and thankful for your offerings to this world ! Such a treasure, really it is.

Savita Maria: Thank you Toko-pa. Grateful for your wonderful videos and your open, kind presence. Value all that you share, though the section about embodiment versus enlightenment personally resonated strongly.

Andrijana:I am so pleasantly overwhelmed with the wisdom I am embracing in my daily living from this course and this group. I feel like in a dream, supported and carried to waters unknown. You are so loving and revealing and I bow to you all.

Julie: Continuously amazed at the depth and breadth of the dreams and what we tease from them. This is wonderful – healing for all.

Kristen: Toko-pa’s Dreamwalking course is a magical exploration of the terrain of the Soul. Within a safe, supportive community of fellow dreamers, she guides us through the dark corridors and unknown doorways of our dreams, bringing us face to face with the ancient language and wisdom of the Soul. Sharing generations of knowledge across disciplines, Toko-pa provides each dreamer with a new set of tools to unlock the meaning behind the riddles of our dreams, and uncover the mysterious messages that they hold. Her intuitive, heart-centred approach is both welcoming and inspiring, allowing each dreamer to feel deeply connected to their greatest purpose, and helping us to see the pathway to get there, as laid out each night in our dreams. She is a true Wise Woman, Teacher, Friend.

Rebecca Gerondale: You have helped me obliterate old ways of thinking and helped catapult me into a whole new understanding of my spirit and my place in the universe.

Elaine: Through this amazing course, and with the support of you special women, I have gained such profound clarity into what my next steps should look like as I embark on a new path that will fit me just right. Alongside this clarity, I have also birthed a new openness to facing the attitudes and habits that are likely to hold me back as I walk this new path.

Heather: You create and hold such integrity in a sacred, safe container…I have gone to the depths that I have because of this, Toko-pa…

Elaine: One of the main gifts from this course for me has been in the finding of a deep respect for the stories that have been coursing through my psyche all along – deep, authentic, the old and the hatching. What a vast and powerful resource this is to help us move through life with more depth and authenticity.

Jasmin: i loooove the videos, they are so inspiring, juicy, full of information and sharings and examples. thank you so much already ♥

Monica: These videos are so informative and really engaging to watch – I’m super happy & benefiting that you chose to be your own authority through “customs” 🙂 and offer this your personal, shamanistic approach.

Stellar: Thank you so much for all the wonderful organization, thought and care put into all of this. It is a real joy to participate in your work Toko-pa and I’m sooooo grateful our paths connected at this time!

Kate: I’m loving the coursework, my dreams are rich, often times out of this world, so affirmative to life in this moment and the videos/emails/facebook group are all phenomenal.

Maria: I am so thankful for your sharing your profound wisdom

Alessandra: Just watched (your video lesson) and feel deeply touched and grateful. Tears rolling… I bow to you Toko-pa, brave soul.

Lisa: I really want to say how moved and impressed I am with the presence you have on video.  You really come across so intelligently, articulate, informed, grounded and very very warm and genuine.  I am very pleased as I am an interactive and visual/aural learner so how you come across makes this learning so much more enjoyable and graspable.

Naomi: Thank you so much for your feedback and the attention-energy you gave to my dream…I have had very rich learning from this dream, and particularly the question Toko-pa asked me – when I realised this truth I shed tears of gratitude and entered a state of profound peace for a long time.

Belinda: Toko-pa, you are a great teacher, yes, you are! Thank you for this profound and practical course.

Jasmin: Thank you for holding the space for me and your gentle way of guiding us through this course.

Julie M Daley: Toko-pa..this is truly a profound course.

Belinda: Amazing that the month together is already nearing the end, such rich sharing amongst us, and my dreams ever more present and vivid. Thank you Toko-pa, for all the deep teachings and gentle, powerful guidance you bring! You always find aspects that open doors to my own understanding. You have opened new capacities in myself. And those are treasures for a lifetime! You made my heart open again.

Maria: I love all your teachings Toko-pa, thank you so much, yes my dreams are becoming more rich.

Nathiya: Thank you so much Toko-pa for this past month. My dreams are getting richer and I’m inspired to go out and create a future that I will love. Most of all I’m starting to trust that this is possible.

Nando: Love the way you take the images by the symbolist in direct relation to the dreamer and not some absolute meaning…

Star Dust: Wow!!! this has been very healing. Who would have thought so much is hidden in these magical dream images…Thank you!! Toko-pa, you are incredible!!!

Celeste Morris: Toko-pa, you have woven the teachings and guided self reflection with Grace and Mastery, thank you from my Heart of Hearts! And to all of you/us/we Dreamers… this coming together has brought power and life to the unseen and rightly felt. We are dreaming the new realities! let the fun continue!

Belinda: Toko-pa, thank you again for your deep teachings, so articulately and gently given. You have opened new capacities in myself. And those are treasures for a lifetime!

Rashmi: Every morning as I write my dream journal even a couple of weeks after the dream-walking course is over, I continue to experience valuable shifts of consciousness and growth. This awareness nudges me in waking life to make fine corrections in areas where I most need to address. In this most remarkable course, Toko-pa’s wise and gentle guidance has equipped me with rich insights and a deep desire to continue on this journey of exploring the self through the mysteries of the dreams.’

Antonella: Myself being an active dreamer and working with my own dreams since 20 years, I have recently participated in the Dreamwalking Course with Toko-pa. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge, her gentle heart when working on dark dreams, her intuition in naming the core of the dream and relating to the dreamers waking life are only few of the reasons why she is considered an authority on dreams. Anyone interested in understanding their own dreams and wanting to bring to the light of consciousness the treasures waiting for us in the realms of the dream should contact Toko-pa!

Sukhvinder Sircar: Toko-pa is an amazing and gifted dream teacher. She has made the process of befriending our dreams so simple. It is so sad that our own dreams have become inaccessible to us, and we need to go to an analyst to understand them. With Toko-pa, I was able to reclaim my power of dreaming back. Like everything, mastery needs practice. I connected to the sacredness of my dreams through the Dreamwalking course. Now, my waking and dreaming are becoming one seamless flow. I’m deeply grateful for the work Toko-pa is doing.

Panthera Smiling Eyes: I have worked with Toko-pa before. To say that it was life changing would be an understatement. My connection with my dreams has deepened immensely. Guides and spirit animals are becoming more frequent.

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