Recently, I had the delightful opportunity to be interviewed by dream teacher and author, Jenny Alexander. I loved her questions which prompted me to write about my own childhood  and how I was drawn into my work with dreaming. As always when engaged on the subject of dreams, I feel like a mountain creek in spring! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing about my love of Dreamwork. Here is a small excerpt on “Giving & Receiving a Hello…”

There’s nothing more intimate, fulfilling or magical than ‘touching souls’ with another being. Most people walk around for years without ever receiving a proper ‘Hello.’ What I mean by that, is that most of us have been taught from the earliest age to suppress and discount the tenderest, most creative part of ourselves. And while it is certainly possible to survive in this way, underneath the daily armour is an unabating hunger to be seen.

To connect, being-to-being, with that thing which is tired of fitting in, which wants to feel alive, which has something authentic to offer. Giving a proper Hello is to hold a subtle, unwavering presence for that thing to feel safe enough to emerge. Dreamwork is all about nurturing trust, not just between the Dreamer and Dreamworker, but between the Dreamer and his/her own soul.  (Read the rest here.)