1. Living on top of a mountain on an island in the sea in outer space is turning me into an online shopper! The old-timey part of me that yearns for ink-written letters sealed with wax delivered by carriage is getting very nearly satisfied by the things I’ve been receiving in the mail lately.

Like these gorgeous postcards! I’ve been a fan of Lupen Grainne’s vintage-inspired photography for a while, but finally decided to splurge on some of her Etsy prints. I love her gentle washes of colour, treated with antiquing textures. And her artful packaging with a translucent envelope, handwritten note and heart-sticker seal was pure deliciousness.

I like to use original art to decorate the covers of my generic journals, (especially if they are as symbolic as acorns before oak trees.) As for the leftovers, some lucky beloveds might get those by carrier pigeon from me one day.2. It is amazing how soon after making the decision to take a break from Facebook,  my morning rituals have transformed. My yoga practice has deepened powerfully and through it creativity is tumbling.

3. Of the other wonderful things I’ve received in the mail, I finally got my second-hand Amazon copy of Marc Ian Barasch’s Healing Dreams. It is such a fantastic book, that I’m having to jot down notes in my journal every few pages. As well as being a great researcher and wordsmith, Barasch is a rare and intrepid spelunker of his own unconscious.

After a series of nightmares saved his life by leading him to a treatable cancer in his thyroid, he became a devotee of the Dreamtime. Though he published this book in 2000, I was only turned on to Barasch when Sun Magazine published this fantastic interview.

4. One of the highlights of my week now is a sacred singing circle called Ubuntu, which is an African philosophy meaning “I am what I am because of who we all are.” Indeed it is nothing short of ecstatic to offer my voice in traditional songs with others, feeling our harmonies rippling off in layers around us, our own hearts expanding with safety, re-memory of our oneness.

5. I’ve been having this amazing experience lately; once in my new moon Women’s Temple and once in Ubuntu – where a creative problem I’ve been working on comes vividly clear in the innate intelligence of the circle.

Getting into that interstitial realm is not something I do – it’s my undoing. Relaxing the rational mind is what allows the genius of the unconscious to express itself. The sacred circle, and really any practice or ritual, helps us drop down into that deeper level of imagination, away from the direct sunlight of our attention, where we become more subtly reflective like the moon.

6. Soon to shipped off to California to her new Mama, it has been a divine pleasure to live in the presence of Jolie-Coquille. After so many years of making ‘invisible’ art, like that of music and writing, it is an unremitting delight to find a 3D artform which feels, upon creation, to possess a life of its own. At nightfall, our livingroom becomes an otherworldly colony of these elegant light-beings.

7. The word solve comes from the Latin ‘solvere’ meaning “to loosen, release or free.” As in dissolving an individual ingredient into a greater whole.