I’m kind of excited and a little bit nervous to announce that I am giving up Facebook for the 40 days of Lent, starting today (Ash Wednesday) and ending on Easter Sunday, April 8th. 

As you may already know I am not a Christian, but I love the ritual of giving up something that is precious to us, that we might miss, something that will build our character as we lovingly resist its temptation. But what I love most is that it is all in preparation for rebirth, aka Spring!


In Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time of the liver which is all about CHANGE. So I’ll be sorting my priorities over the next six weeks, doing as the Earth herself does, funneling all my energy into new shoots.

I’ve also heard that it takes six weeks to break a habit and establish a new routine. While it may be a stretch to say that Facebook is precious to me, I’m sure I’d be appalled to learn how much time I really do spend there.


I’m thinking about these next 40 days as an opportunity to strengthen my commitment in some other areas of my life. For instance, my beloved partner and I are planning our first house concert since moving here to Salt Spring Island for April!


While I won’t be posting to Facebook, I will be updating this blog more often! So if you want to stay in touch with my on-abouts, make sure to subscribe (put your email in the box on the top right) and choose your own notification preferences. And if you want to be in touch, just send an email through my contact page.

Otherwise, wish me luck! Think of me focusing, creating, cleaning the water in my wellspring.