1. For a moment it seems like Spring, when I open the door to hear the birds going crazy with song. It seems after the first frost the arbutus berries have begun to ferment, making the birds drunk and in love.

2. Our dear friend & neighbour came to tears after being introduced to my new lightsculpture and the elegiac song of Craig’s anasazi flute.

3. Unexpected notes of true love from readers & dream clients, arriving in heart-bursty clusters to usher in the new year.

4. Bored with our eating routines, Craig and I have started going all out! Spanica-kale-o-kopita! Black Bean & Chipotle Soup with fresh cilantro & a toasted cumin yogurt! Personal Spaghetti Squash Lasagnas tucked back into their shells!

5. Music so sweet that it leaves us too vulnerable to continue playing it. Like something too lovely for sore eyes, we must occasionally retreat.

6a. In the aftermath of watching the Ides of March, waiting for the fog of cynicism to clear, we decide to start a cuddle-ocracy! So the next time you find yourself at odds with another? In a conflict or quandary? Just cuddle it out.

6b. And while we’re at it, you’ve heard of people saying we should banish the word ‘struggle’ from our dictionary. Well I think we should replace it with snuggle. As in, “I’m really snuggling with this paradox.”

7. Another garden lesson from Rita, watching the familiarity in her body around the plants, listening to the care in her voice as she speaks of their needs.

8. Morning looks like this:

9. Roasty from the fire in our hearth, we cuddle with the window open so we can listen to the owls calling from up above in the dark firs.