1. Outdoing myself with the world’s yummiest batch of Tokonola EVER. My secret? Unwavering love.

Giant Floppy Poppy

2. Walking in Victoria takes twice as long as other places, as I am constantly stopped in my tracks by the scents and sights of outrageous flowers. I don’t know their names, so I just make stuff up. The giant floppy poppy! The gaggle of violet ballerinas! The indigo brush bush!

3. Being drive-by recognized first thing in the morning.

4. Eagle’s unmistakable song.

5. Fireworks in my backyard.

6. My job is spacious and gentle and generous to me.

7. A dream in which my future is written out in ink on a sheet of paper. I can not make out the details of all that will happen, but can see a smattering of the word EASE. Ease ease ease ease ease. Ease is the new effort. Your ease will pay off.

8. Two more sleeps until 2 WEEKS ON THE FARM.

9. The way the house glimmers after it’s been activated with food creation and cleaning.

10. A gorgeous and unexpected phone call from my dear friend in Montreal. Her voice is full of laughter, which I let wash over me.

11. A love note from my beloved seastar, reminding me that there is no such thing as distance.

12. The love of my beautiful man, which is like winning again every moment.