Encounters is a series of intimate conversations with remarkable women devoted to deep inquiry on the topic of belonging.

For six weeks, we will share these amazing encounters, discuss with others in a private group & journey our way back to Belonging, together.

From earthwork to inner work, ritual and storytelling, we explore some of the many forms and faculties of belonging in the places where our disciplines intersect.

We pursue the questions too rarely spoken about in the open, like what is belonging, and why do so few of us feel it in our lives? How did we come to be so alienated and estranged? And how do we repair the bridge back to a meaningful life of connectedness and purpose?

Over the course of this six week email program, Toko-pa and her remarkable guests are sharing their conversations on belonging. 

Delivered to your inbox, supported with an online group and on-going discussion - this free series is an incredible way to guide self inquiry, growth and healing along your personal journey.

Tune in. Listen. Step into Belonging.

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Hello, I'm Toko-pa.

Encounters is a gift to my readers in anticipation and celebration of the release of my book, Belonging

For those who feel the longing to belong, because you are in a time of isolation or exile, or struggling to create community with like-hearted people, or longing to have your gifts ennobled with a sense of purpose, Encounters is healing balm, full of deeply personal storytelling and discovery, from the hearts of wise and witty, medicine women.

I hope you love this series of Encounters! May they support you in your quest for belonging.​

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Encounters Guests & Episodes 

Encounter 1:

Belonging and the Mythic Life

Michelle Tocher: Author, Storyteller, and Fairy Tale Expert

Topics: Archetype of Exclusion, the Dark Gift of Loss, Restoration of the Feminine

Encounter 2:

Belonging and the Mother Wound

Bethany Webster: Writer and International Speaker on The Mother Wound

Topics: Death Mother, Intergenerational Trauma, Remothering

Encounter 3:

Belonging with Feminine Power

Chameli Ardagh: Founder of Awakening Women Institute

Topics: Feminine Power, Circular Leadership, Discipleship

Encounter 4:

Belonging to Place and Story

Sharon Blackie: Celtic Mythologist and Author of “If Women Rose Rooted”

Topics: Land, Lineage, Listening to Nature, Rootedness

Encounter 5:

Belonging through Ritual

Seraphina Capranos: Teacher, Herbalist and Plantwitch

Topics: Ritual, Ceremony, Community, Plant Medicine

Encounter 6:

Belonging and the Body

Sweigh Emily Spilkin: Somatic Psychotherapist and founder of Thresholds Healing

Topics: Initiation, Somatic Experiencing, Body, Pleasure

Encounter 7:

Belonging to the Earth

Clare Dubois: Founder of Treesisters

Topics: Earth, Purpose, Reciprocity, Grief, Beauty