Oct 222013

In music, we call it ‘sympathetic resonance’ when a passive string responds to an external vibration with harmonic likeness. Similarly, when conditions are just right, our core issues can be triggered with all the potency of the original trauma. But in those terrible moments, something amazing is happening: an aperture is opening up for us to heal the past. The present, in its infinite wisdom, is allowing us to touch the old wound, offering us [read more…]

Oct 182013

So many of us are out at sea, looking for home. We try this way and that, battling the endless march of adversaries, led by cynicism and apathy. We fight them with every poetry we possess. We are gentle. We yield. We get back to navigating our crafts. Every once in a while, exhaustion can turn into despair. The tiny flame, which takes our every resource to shield, blows out on an unexpected gust. Even [read more…]

Oct 122013

I am making friends with the Wind – who used to feel like an intruder rifling up my sleeves chasing debris down the tunnel She made of my street. But now I hear she’s howling for all that’s kept unfree. She whistles at gaps and rattles loose that which is inessential, raising in upward spirals things past their due, clearing the ground with her sharp, elbowing through. I am making friends with Change – who’s [read more…]

Oct 092013

Because most of us have been orphaned from our ancestral land and the ways of our people, we suffer with the restlessness and ache of not-belonging. Instead of trying to regain what has been lost, Martín Prechtel teaches that we must learn to live in the way our ancestors lived; in reverence and indebtedness to the Holy in Nature. One such powerful practice is to create a place in your home where you know the [read more…]

Oct 032013

We must give the story of our misfortunes a home. This always seeking to start anew, to cover our eyes and elude some pain, eventually only makes refugees of our wounds. They follow at our heels and seep into the background life of every Love. They become the distant, tenacious ache which howls with a silent mantra of unBelonging. We must remember and be willing to say their name. We must house our displacements, gather [read more…]

Sep 102013

Dearest Dreamers, For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, it is just a few short sleeps before the Autumn Equinox is upon us. This is a time characterised by warm colors, cozy cowls, changing leaves and, as the poet Keats so beautifully puts it, the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” As we prepare ourselves for the inwardness of winter, a time when we restore balance in our lives, Dreaming always comes on stronger [read more…]

Sep 022013

It is the paradoxical nature of grief to lead us to love. There is a seed planted in loss, an evolution made in breaking, a genius found in separation that is rarely apparent in the heart of crisis. But often what looks like deviation is really proliferation, like satellite initiatives born from a group’s dissolution. Leadership is forged in the hearts of those who know exclusion. To them, is given the gift of tenderness which [read more…]

Aug 072013

To dream of water is to make an encounter with the Earth’s own lifeblood, of which we are mostly composed and by which we are all related. Water is not simply our ’emotions’ but that which gives rise to emotions: the unconscious source of all vitality. Though it is easy to become identified with our terrestrial roles and duties, the feeling life will not be ignored. It will come for you when you might need [read more…]

Jul 152013

There is a good kind of waiting which trusts the agents of fermentation. There is a waiting which knows that in pulling away one can more wholly return. There is the waiting which prepares oneself, which annoints and adorns and makes oneself plump with readiness for love’s return. There is a good kind of waiting which doesn’t put oneself on hold but rather adds layers to the grandness of one’s being worthy. This sweet waiting [read more…]

Jul 132013

Developing your feeling takes time, especially if it has been systematically discouraged in you. There may be an initial layer of numbness or anger you have to move through and, beyond that, a backlog of grief. But as you make the seemingly bottomless descent, it helps to remember that grief is the downpour your soul has been thirsting for. Like rain, the more excellently and prodigiously you grieve, the more growth and fertility you can [read more…]