Jul 182011

You dream of an owl and the next morning one swoops by your windshield. You are feeling grateful for a friend’s support when the song, “You’ve got a friend” comes on the radio. You finally quit an unhappy job and are offered a great opportunity the same afternoon. Not only are spirit and matter connected but they are, as Carl Jung puts it, “two different aspects of one and the same thing.” All of us [read more…]

May 192010

For as long as I can remember, New Age gurus have been telling us to “stay in the light.” They tell us to meditate, generate and emanate positivity, warning us that we create our own reality and negative thinking begets negative results. But if you’ve ever found yourself cringing before all that Spiritual Correctness and wondered what was wrong with you, I am here to tell you that you aren’t broken and you don’t need [read more…]

Apr 102010

On the morning Annie went into the hospital, I had a dream that Toronto was drowning. It started with a sadness welling up at my windows. When I got up to look out at the city, cars were bobbing around like plastic toys and whole buildings were being swallowed up by water. In the distance was a tsunami, and it was racing towards me. Knowing there wasn’t anywhere to run, I became curiously calm. Within [read more…]

Feb 152010

When we hear the word discipline, we immediately think of toil, sweat and deprivation. Over the centuries, the once beautiful word has been distorted to mean something akin to punishment. But at its root a disciple is someone who devotes themselves to something they love. I am hitching to Argenta, land of goats and caravans, when I meet a young woman on the road. She is barely twenty, cheeks full of petals and flush, and the only [read more…]

Jan 112008

Dear Toko-pa; In my first dream, I am married. I am at my parents’ helping build a stone wall and this spouse-person keeps calling and asking where I am, telling me I am the type of person who only does what is best for me – how I am unreliable, ambivalent and untrustworthy – but that he still loves me. My father is building the wall all wrong – it keeps falling down. He doesn’t [read more…]

Jan 042008

In dreams, feelings are our greatest allies. They show us where our energy is being concentrated and which way it wants to go. Like signals from the unconscious to the physical body, feelings show us where our needs are. Sometimes they warn us to retreat from dangerous situations, other times they magnify where we need to continue working. While joy and enthusiasm are the kinds of friends who show you what you love, so are [read more…]

Jan 012008

Frequently Asked Questions about Dreams What does a dreamworker do? What can I expect in a dream session? What if I don’t remember my dreams? Are all dreams meaningful? I keep having this one recurring dream. Should I be concerned? Can you recommend some good starter books for learning about dreams? Is it possible to control your dreams? Where can I learn more? 1. What does a dreamworker do? The dreamworker is like a psychic [read more…]

Dec 142007

Dear Toko-pa; what is the significance of the moon, stars and constellating night skies in dreams? — Astrodreamer Dear Astrodreamer; This past spring I was invited to go caving with a friend of mine who is a seasoned spelunker. Naturally, I was terrified at the thought of going underground into total darkness to squeeze though cold, wet and tight spots. “Where’s the appeal?” I asked him. His face lit up like a ten year old’s [read more…]

Nov 302007

Dear Toko-pa: I dreamt that I entered a revolving door, in which I had planned to meet my sweetie, but then exited alone. I woke up shaking, like it was a nightmare, because I was desperate to find him there. We’d lost phone connection and I couldn’t get through. This dream comes up at a time when I have lots of questions about entering into a new phase of closeness with him. It’s loving and [read more…]