Sep 102013

Dearest Dreamers, For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, it is just a few short sleeps before the Autumn Equinox is upon us. This is a time characterised by warm colors, cozy cowls, changing leaves and, as the poet Keats so beautifully puts it, the “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” As we prepare ourselves for the inwardness of winter, a time when we restore balance in our lives, Dreaming always comes on stronger [read more…]

Aug 072013

To dream of water is to make an encounter with the Earth’s own lifeblood, of which we are mostly composed and by which we are all related. Water is not simply our ’emotions’ but that which gives rise to emotions: the unconscious source of all vitality. Though it is easy to become identified with our terrestrial roles and duties, the feeling life will not be ignored. It will come for you when you might need [read more…]

May 282013

One of the most powerful dreams I was ever given was a visitation from my maternal Grandfather who came to me as an adult, twenty years after he died. Like many ancestral dreams, it was singularly vivid and more lucid than everyday dreams. I looked into the bright clarity of his eyes, felt the warmth and weight of his hand on my shoulder, and recognized the melody of his thick accent even though I was [read more…]

Oct 042012

The single most healing practice for those who fear that “Evil” exists outside of oneself -in the form of malevolent spirits & other entities, like Satan – is the integration of one’s own shadow. Or what I call Shadow Eating. Most of us have been raised to be moral, good & agreeable, but we have also been putting all of our “unacceptable” qualities in what Robert Bly calls The Long Black Bag we drag behind [read more…]

Sep 262012

As Joseph Campbell famously says, “Dreams are the private myth & myths are the public dream.” Indeed Campbell and other mythologists, such as those delightful Jungians, discovered amazing cross-cultural motifs in Fairy Tales. Those patterns, (or what we now call archetypes), are found repeatedly in stories from around the world, seemingly unconstrained by geography or epoch. Imagine for a moment that you could strip your ‘local’ story down to its bare essence, to find what [read more…]

Jul 122012

It takes my teacher Martín Prechtel several hours to walk a short distance because every stream and river, rock and valley in the village is sacred and needs to be sung to, fed by our beauty-making. We are too fortunate for our debt to ever be paid, so instead we cultivate indebtedness as a way of life. You might say that our abandonment of ritual practice is the greatest loss felt by modern society. Under [read more…]

Apr 112012

Recently, I had the delightful opportunity to be interviewed by dream teacher and author, Jenny Alexander. I loved her questions which prompted me to write about my own childhood  and how I was drawn into my work with dreaming. As always when engaged on the subject of dreams, I feel like a mountain creek in spring! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing about my love of Dreamwork. Here is a [read more…]

Jan 272012

With few examples in our midst of powerful & skilled dreamers, some people spend a lifetime thinking that they just don’t dream, or that ‘remembering’ is an ability that doesn’t come naturally to them. But Dreaming is an artform which can be cultivated and practiced. In my experience, it takes very little to get your dreams flowing again.The starting point must be an attitude that your dreams are of value. From there, just a few [read more…]

Dec 172011

Dreaming is Nature growing us, by way of images and story. While we are asleep, complex symbols are narrated together in a sophisticated unfolding of our ‘private myths.’ But every morning, we have to overcome resistance to what reads like ‘nonsense.’ This is because we live in a rationalistic age which has willfully forgotten our mother tongue, the language of symbols. It is a ruthless voice which calls dreams superstition and, like nature itself, Dreamwork [read more…]