Jul 202011

1. I sit in the loft to write in the evening light. He pads around the kitchen making us a meal. The slow, meandering goodness that is love. 2. Michael Waters, a guitar genius, says, “I have good news and bad news. The good news is I now know how to reach Source through music. The bad news is I don’t know how to do it in less than 35 years.” 3. Winding up and [read more…]

Jan 082011

1. Deciding to notice beauty today only to find it is everywhere all the time. 2. Being in the moment rain becomes snow. 3. Always the sound of rain, like fingertips drumming on my ears. 4. Thrilled at the outcome of toko-pa.com – worth every inch of a great mountain of work. It is an accomplishment beyond my own expectations for myself. 5. The moment a mother pushes her daughter in a Thrifty’s shopping cart [read more…]

Oct 102010

1. High on the alchemy of love and cacao, I walk in the rain listening to David Gray’s Foundling and everything seems illuminated; the elephant bark of the chestnut trees, the moss that imitates galvanized copper, the wet and purple foxglove, the giant sequoias slow-motion exploding from the earth, spiral cones balancing like nests in the pines. 2. Curled up in Moka’s fire chairs, cradling evening mugs of chai, I make a beautiful new friend. [read more…]

Oct 042010

1. Fifty voices moving as one, like birds in a flock on the evening thermals. We undulate as one body, the space between us like the breath which raises our kirtan on high. The capacity of our song astonishes us. It is so much more that we can make alone. Like tropical water, it flows into our deepest craving – the ache to return to the reedbed. 2. Across a crowded room, through a store [read more…]

Aug 252010

1. I am in love with the greatest man I know. 2. Baskets! After cleaning out the storage room at work, I am offered two lovely baskets. A basket for my fruit and a basket for my hats. Baskets! 3. I feel my voice stretching into a new possibility space, vaulting into the cathedral of potential. 4. Wild roses grow all around my property, integrated so thoroughly with bushes and bramble that many flowers are [read more…]

Aug 132010

1. Whether written to the lover, Beloved, nature or one’s own Soul, all poetry is devotional. If it is written by the heart which suffers as soon as soar, if it intends to love things unsplitoff, we read it and remember our own devotion. Like standing near a luminous friend, we too become luminous. 2. Rumi is a crisp wind full of chi. 3. The clouds gather like mottled cream, giving the sun something to [read more…]

Aug 122010

1. With the right gust of wind, or if I walk quickly enough, my spiral earrings make a whistling sound like being up in the alpine. 2. The other night my neighbour came home drunk and woke me up with her carousing outside my window. But when I fell back asleep I dreamed that her voice was key to happiness, that if she would sing, it would make everything right in the world. 3. One [read more…]

Jul 022010

1. Outdoing myself with the world’s yummiest batch of Tokonola EVER. My secret? Unwavering love. 2. Walking in Victoria takes twice as long as other places, as I am constantly stopped in my tracks by the scents and sights of outrageous flowers. I don’t know their names, so I just make stuff up. The giant floppy poppy! The gaggle of violet ballerinas! The indigo brush bush! 3. Being drive-by recognized first thing in the morning. [read more…]

Mar 262010

1. The late blossoms are falling pink like cartoon snow. All day long, people stop their cars to try, but a camera can’t catch a bluster winding it up into a heady swirl. 2. I could have walked for days if there’d been more beach. 3. Overlapping crosswaters, sliding like silk over the breakwater which narrows away into the sea. 4. A sudden, quickening race into presence. 5. The line of the sea in motion [read more…]

Oct 092009

1. The kitchen, like a painter’s studio, spackled with colourful ingredients at all times. Piles of ripening pears, lumpy potatoes and gourds, hot peppers and spices, saucepans of chai. Something is always being invented; ratatouille, raw fruit crackers, walnut butter, cilantro salsa. The fridge brims. 2. Two of my mainland womenfolk, who won’t know one another until the 11am ferry, are coming to spend Thanksgiving with me. We will eat, visit Jessy’s farm, make music, [read more…]