Apr 172013

1. There’s a moving scene in “How to Cook Your Life” where Zen teacher & chef Edward Espe Brown speaks about sincerity. He says “Sincerity is the quality where you let your imperfections show.” Indeed, when we look at the origin of the word; ‘sin’ means without and ‘cere’ means wax. So even though we may be banged up and blemished by life, we allow ourselves to be seen without polish. 2. The effusive perfume [read more…]

Jan 212013

For those who have been following my slow initiation into the World of Handmaking, you know that I’ve had a long yearning to make baskets! Last summer, I even tried teaching myself using wild grasses from my garden (and the internet). This past weekend I had the enormous fortune to study basketmaking with a master. Like many  geniuses who hide away in the forest, Joan Carrigan lives on our timid little island and is one [read more…]

Oct 122012

1. The distant hoot of owls in darkness not yet risen, luring us across the threshold. 2. The Christmas Cactus readying its tender buds for blooming. 3. The curls of fog like a cozying cowl around the collar of our mountain perch. 4. Moss and plum, rust and mustard, eggplant and olive, all suddenly colouring the season. 5. A sharpness in the wind, halos of red on treetops and orange at fringes, the wobble before [read more…]

Aug 162012

1. The longing to hand-make beautiful things has overtaken me recently. It was seeded some 4 years ago when I was gifted a deerskin medicine pouch by a friend in ceremony. She had learned to skin & tan the hide herself, working it until the tassels hung gently and the slipknot moved gracefully along its braided path. 2. Recently, I was given another miraculous gift – an anatomical drawing of a long-gestating moth carved into [read more…]

Apr 162012

1.  We are blessed with a room full of hearts eager to listen to our big, round drums, secret chambered winds, ancestors summoned and stories sung. 2. Don’t you know that the real definition of bravery is being afraid and doing it anyway? 3. A fire roasting in the hearth, lanterns glowing on the path, stars freckling the night. 4. The afterglow of a performance well-received spills well into the next day, making everything exactly [read more…]

Feb 272012

1. Living on top of a mountain on an island in the sea in outer space is turning me into an online shopper! The old-timey part of me that yearns for ink-written letters sealed with wax delivered by carriage is getting very nearly satisfied by the things I’ve been receiving in the mail lately. Like these gorgeous postcards! I’ve been a fan of Lupen Grainne’s vintage-inspired photography for a while, but finally decided to splurge [read more…]

Jan 032012

1. For a moment it seems like Spring, when I open the door to hear the birds going crazy with song. It seems after the first frost the arbutus berries have begun to ferment, making the birds drunk and in love. 2. Our dear friend & neighbour came to tears after being introduced to my new lightsculpture and the elegiac song of Craig’s anasazi flute. 3. Unexpected notes of true love from readers & dream [read more…]

Aug 202011

1. Visiting the organic cafe where my Beloved has been working for the last month to find he has made everyone fall in love with him. 2. After a long housing drought, we are suddenly showered with options. As we are walking from one viewing to the next, we make up the Options Opera in harmonized rounds. 3. The beach is covered in  a white shawl of seaweed, blanched by the sun. 4. It is [read more…]