Dec 142007

Dear Toko-pa; what is the significance of the moon, stars and constellating night skies in dreams? — Astrodreamer Dear Astrodreamer; This past spring I was invited to go caving with a friend of mine who is a seasoned spelunker. Naturally, I was terrified at the thought of going underground into total darkness to squeeze though cold, wet and tight spots. “Where’s the appeal?” I asked him. His face lit up like a ten year old’s [read more…]

Nov 302007

Dear Toko-pa: I dreamt that I entered a revolving door, in which I had planned to meet my sweetie, but then exited alone. I woke up shaking, like it was a nightmare, because I was desperate to find him there. We’d lost phone connection and I couldn’t get through. This dream comes up at a time when I have lots of questions about entering into a new phase of closeness with him. It’s loving and [read more…]

Nov 092007

There’s a great scene in Osmosis Jones, a semi-animated flick about the insides of zookeeper Frank Detomello’s (Bill Murray) body, when a serious virus hits “City of Frank.” Instead of going to see a doctor, he pops a flu pill saying, “Sick? I’m not getting sick! I have far too much planned.” Meanwhile, down in the ailing metropolis of Frank, the mayor (without due process) throws the Override Switch. It’s remarkable how many times in [read more…]

Sep 272007

Dear Readers; I write this week’s column on the first anniversary of my landing in the Kootenays, which also happens to be Rumi’s birthday. In honour of the community, love and astonishing beauty it has bestowed upon me, I’d like to share a chapter of my own dream journey which led me to Nelson, British Columbia. It all started three years ago when I agreed to marry myself. I had heard for years about the [read more…]

Sep 072007

Dear Toko-pa; I dream a couple brings their two sons to a new place, from the east coast to the west coast. Here, the littler boy is happier. He is more sensitive and says he likes being in a place where he is good at things. The landscape and what it offers resonates more with his abilities and personality. The older boy is silent and more serious, and I have the sense he is disappointed. [read more…]

Aug 312007

I was sixteen when Nelson Mandela was set free. He was interviewed upon his release by Oprah who asked him how, after 27 years of incarceration, he wasn’t angry. “My people need my leadership,” he replied, “there is no time for bitterness.” That was the beginning of the end of apartheid, and I loved him.  He was the noblest being I’d ever set eyes and ears on, down to the eloquent root of his soul, [read more…]

Aug 242007

“Dear Toko-pa: I dream a beautiful, white horse is stuck in a cleft in a rock face. I and other people around me are sorry for the horse but apparently are doing nothing about it. A youngish man who looks very poor and unkempt, like a street person, rescues the horse by leading it out of its predicament, and everyone is gratified. Of the people standing there it is one of society’s so-called “rejects” that [read more…]

Aug 172007

A friend recently asked me if there is any danger of tainting one’s dreaming by becoming more active with it…as if bringing one’s designs into an otherwise pristine province might cause it to spoil. I found myself responding with a question; do you influence your own reality, or does it unfold autonomously? As usual, both is the right answer to either/or questions. We tend to think of dreams as responses to waking life – as [read more…]

Jul 062007

More than six thousand years ago on the matriarchal island of Malta, a subterranean temple called The Hypogeum was built to house individual dreamers on vision quests. The Tibetan Buddhists call it Dream Yoga and practice it in preparation for dying consciously. They say that if you get really good at it, you can opt out of the cycle of samsara (karmic rebirth) at the time of your death. It is the ability to become [read more…]

Jun 292007

Behind logic, below reason, underneath the skin of objectivity, lives the animal heart.  She has lived longer than any of us can remember – it was from her belly that we were born.  Unsophisticated as we are, we forget and deny her, adding still to the platform of greed that we’ve built upon her grave.  But she is far from dead. She stays hidden not because she is timid, but because she is wise.  The [read more…]