Dec 222010

As the tide rises above its own highest mark, it swallows every last reluctant debris. Among them is my body of yesterday, which I have anchored down with stones & prayer and which, like a cicada’s shell, is molted for wings. I recognize the gravity, the all of everything she has pushed through for me. Feet having dug, fingers having scraped, heart having heaved, voice unmuffled I now speak for my underground nymph and her [read more…]

May 052010

Without Eros, we forget the teachings of our ancestors which connect us to the eternal. We lose the very thing that gives us substance and brings accountability into our lives. Without a sense of location in nature and the family of things, we set a slow apocalypse in motion.

Apr 102010

On the morning Annie went into the hospital, I had a dream that Toronto was drowning. It started with a sadness welling up at my windows. When I got up to look out at the city, cars were bobbing around like plastic toys and whole buildings were being swallowed up by water. In the distance was a tsunami, and it was racing towards me. Knowing there wasn’t anywhere to run, I became curiously calm. Within [read more…]

Jan 042008

In dreams, feelings are our greatest allies. They show us where our energy is being concentrated and which way it wants to go. Like signals from the unconscious to the physical body, feelings show us where our needs are. Sometimes they warn us to retreat from dangerous situations, other times they magnify where we need to continue working. While joy and enthusiasm are the kinds of friends who show you what you love, so are [read more…]

Nov 092007

There’s a great scene in Osmosis Jones, a semi-animated flick about the insides of zookeeper Frank Detomello’s (Bill Murray) body, when a serious virus hits “City of Frank.” Instead of going to see a doctor, he pops a flu pill saying, “Sick? I’m not getting sick! I have far too much planned.” Meanwhile, down in the ailing metropolis of Frank, the mayor (without due process) throws the Override Switch. It’s remarkable how many times in [read more…]

Nov 022007

Do you have your best ideas in the shower? Have you ever grappled with a question all day only to wake up from a nap with a sudden answer? How about looking madly for something and the moment you give up you remember where you left it? What if your daydreams are like breadcrumbs on the path to your own genius, but you’re too busy to follow them… W. H. Auden said our daydreams are [read more…]

Sep 072007

Dear Toko-pa; I dream a couple brings their two sons to a new place, from the east coast to the west coast. Here, the littler boy is happier. He is more sensitive and says he likes being in a place where he is good at things. The landscape and what it offers resonates more with his abilities and personality. The older boy is silent and more serious, and I have the sense he is disappointed. [read more…]

Jun 212006

It is rare to find a mentor who can maintain longevity while in the public eye. It is rarer still to find someone who can not only sustain your respect over decades, but continually grow it outwards. David Takayoshi Suzuki is one such a person for thousands of Canadians and environmentalists worldwide. He is an extraordinary example of what ripples one life can make and how those ripples, when set into motion with right intention, [read more…]