Aug 072017

It started as a sticky note on my wall almost 4 years ago. Encounters. A series of conversations with the remarkable women in my life, speaking intimately on the topic closest to my heart: Belonging. And now it’s finally real! From earthwork to inner work, ritual and storytelling, these gorgeous women and I explore some of the many forms and faculties of belonging, in the places where our disciplines intersect. My team and I have [read more…]

Apr 282017

Without the guidance of our elders, and the wisdom found in stories, myth and dreaming, we in modern culture are mirroring an increasingly distorted image of the externalised life. Take for example ‘Reality Television’ which portrays human nature as competitive, jealous, violent and shallow. These are the stories of our time, and by paying them with our attention we further emphasise those cultural qualities. Like a question that goes unanswered, we recreate conflict and violence [read more…]