May 172014

This being human is tough stuff and one of the acute losses we all feel is that of meaningful friendship and community. That which our great, great ancestors took for certain: when a wounding befalls one of us, we are all implicated. And so we lean in to support those in pain with our humble gifts of empathy and presence. We shoulder our unbearable questions together and we honour with ritual the devastating requirements and [read more…]

Feb 162013

Millions of people around the world report awakening around 3 a.m. for no reason. For many, it is a frustrating interruption in an otherwise restful sleep. But what if you could learn to release resistance to these mysterious awakenings? What if the night has secrets to whisper to you? What if that is the magic hour in which to move “back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,” as Rumi writes. Indeed, [read more…]

May 042007

“Hello Toko-pa: A few years ago, I was dating a woman who deceived me about having another lover on the side. When I found out, I was very angry. She brushed it off and made excuses for her deception. I held a grudge until recently, after having my only dream about her. The only thing I remember was her mouth. The rest of her face was fuzzy. Her lips were scarlet red, painted with lipstick [read more…]

Apr 272007

“I’ve been dreaming my ex’s girlfriend keeps trying to befriend me. In the dreams I just ignore her, but she’s following me around. When I first met her 3 years ago, she was a ‘normal’ girl, in capris with very little makeup, but about 2 years ago she got breast implants, a few tattoos and changed her wardrobe to be more of a rocker like my ex, who is a musician. She is completely re-vamped [read more…]

Mar 082007

“My mother slept with an axe under her pillow,” one woman recounts in a plaintive voice, “We lived in terror that my father would return to murder us in the night. For some reason, I don’t know why, but I was always expected to be happy.” Inside a recent video installation at the Power Plant Gallery in Toronto, Venezuelan artist Javier Téllez has installed two facing screens at opposite ends of a long, dark room. [read more…]