Nov 272015

Sweet Dreamers! By popular demand, I’m excited to announce new dates for both of my online courses, Dreamwalking & the Dream Lodge Dreamwalking is a 4-week intensive that explores the mystical, magical language of Dreams (February 8th – March 5th, 2016): The Dream Lodge is an intimate 8-week mentorship program for 13 women who have completed Dreamwalking and want to go deeper into the feminine mysteries with a dreaming council March 15th – May 3rd, [read more…]

Feb 212014

There is nothing more beautiful than the numinous dream that is given to someone who has wrestled triumphantly with their shadows. These dreams sparkle with tenderness, speaking in a new and unusual tongue, which is also heavy with ancient wisdom. More like encounters with the soul itself these dreams say, Here, I finally belong. And we know instantly that the secret heart only ever wanted to be seen. For all the energy we spend hiding [read more…]

Jan 012008

Frequently Asked Questions about Dreams What does a dreamworker do? What can I expect in a dream session? What if I don’t remember my dreams? Are all dreams meaningful? I keep having this one recurring dream. Should I be concerned? Can you recommend some good starter books for learning about dreams? Is it possible to control your dreams? Where can I learn more? 1. What does a dreamworker do? The dreamworker is like a psychic [read more…]

Nov 022007

Do you have your best ideas in the shower? Have you ever grappled with a question all day only to wake up from a nap with a sudden answer? How about looking madly for something and the moment you give up you remember where you left it? What if your daydreams are like breadcrumbs on the path to your own genius, but you’re too busy to follow them… W. H. Auden said our daydreams are [read more…]

Aug 172007

A friend recently asked me if there is any danger of tainting one’s dreaming by becoming more active with it…as if bringing one’s designs into an otherwise pristine province might cause it to spoil. I found myself responding with a question; do you influence your own reality, or does it unfold autonomously? As usual, both is the right answer to either/or questions. We tend to think of dreams as responses to waking life – as [read more…]

Jul 132007

We think of dreams as occurring only in the night, but the truth is we dream all day long. Waking dreams are the experiences of the day that hold a meaningful charge for us and are no less significant than the nightly ones. The more intimate we get with our symbolic life, the richer our daytime becomes. Soon, our minds become agile at recognizing the mythaphoric dimension of waking life. An animal might cross your [read more…]

Jul 062007

More than six thousand years ago on the matriarchal island of Malta, a subterranean temple called The Hypogeum was built to house individual dreamers on vision quests. The Tibetan Buddhists call it Dream Yoga and practice it in preparation for dying consciously. They say that if you get really good at it, you can opt out of the cycle of samsara (karmic rebirth) at the time of your death. It is the ability to become [read more…]

Apr 272007

“I’ve been dreaming my ex’s girlfriend keeps trying to befriend me. In the dreams I just ignore her, but she’s following me around. When I first met her 3 years ago, she was a ‘normal’ girl, in capris with very little makeup, but about 2 years ago she got breast implants, a few tattoos and changed her wardrobe to be more of a rocker like my ex, who is a musician. She is completely re-vamped [read more…]

Feb 232007

Physics teaches us that there is a finite amount of energy in the universe, and though its forms can be transmuted, it is often left entirely untapped. Our psyches operate in much the same way. The forms that appear in our dreams; be they tyrants, allies or tidal waves, are simply energy that is either being made useful or depleting us. I recently met a scientist who was explaining how all known sources of energy [read more…]