Apr 162012

1.  We are blessed with a room full of hearts eager to listen to our big, round drums, secret chambered winds, ancestors summoned and stories sung. 2. Don’t you know that the real definition of bravery is being afraid and doing it anyway? 3. A fire roasting in the hearth, lanterns glowing on the path, stars freckling the night. 4. The afterglow of a performance well-received spills well into the next day, making everything exactly [read more…]

Feb 172012

Love like days bowing to dusk, always in the motion of surrendering to trust. Without guile, Love like a newborn’s smile; the ease of a heart receiving more than it dreamed. Love like life itself is an altar to revere every small beauty as it parades near. Love like sea and sky meeting, and fruits on branches offered up for eating. Love like silence for the one who made us, the one to whom we [read more…]

Jan 282012

Beloved, You are this love I found in a puddle. And you are the muddy puddle. You are long stretches of sun and languishing. You are clear skies and allright. Then you scatter nervous birds with your sudden darkening. You are a fog which hangs around my temples, a hurricane without warning, through which I must walk. Startling me from a restless sleep, you are then gratitude! You rush through me like a glacier melt of [read more…]

Jan 132012

I touch the precious, endless Now and am panged with remorse for the catalogue of moments I am asleep. How quickly life evaporates! How silly we are to believe in consensus reality when love is rushing in from all sides! I touch the precious skin of Now, which smells like a salty miracle, which is lit from within, which is infinite and exploding with beauty. I touch Now’s skin and it shivers back.

Dec 312011

Instead of the usual New Year’s Resolutions, I thought it might be fun & more empowering to look back on 2011 & acknowledge some of its amazing highlights. In 2011, I… 1. Held my first Women’s Moon Lodge. Imagine my amazement when my livingroom filled to its capacity with gorgeous goddesses, each of us deeply keen to speak and listen to each other’s blood stories. Little did I know how powerfully this event would impact [read more…]