Nov 242015

I am still glowing after a miraculous and meaningful retreat held in the mystical embrace of Salt Spring Island. Women came from all over the world with the shared intention of dreaming together in council. Mornings were magic as we tended to our dream journals in shared silence, while the mottled sky bathed us in diffuse light. And then we danced, grieved, laughed and played with our dreams! We dined under Stowel Lake Farm’s vaulted [read more…]

Feb 162015

It was a treat to be interviewed for Be You Media, by the lovely and talented Jenn Grosso this week. Our conversation turned to some intimate topics like depression, stage-fright and the book I’ve been writing on Belonging. I hope you find something useful here and I look forward to hearing how it lands with you: “In my own life, and in the lives of the  people I’m blessed to do dreamwork with, I found [read more…]

Jan 082015

To explain the mystery and importance of Duende to artistic expression, Lorca tells the story of a great Andalusian singer whose performance leaves a modest audience unimpressed one night in a little tavern in Cadiz. “Here we care nothing about ability, technique, skill. Here we are after something else,” they seem to say. The songstress then tears at her expensive gown, guzzles a tall glass of burning liquor and begins “to sing with a scorched [read more…]

Oct 222013

In music, we call it ‘sympathetic resonance’ when a passive string responds to an external vibration with harmonic likeness. Similarly, when conditions are just right, our core issues can be triggered with all the potency of the original trauma. But in those terrible moments, something amazing is happening: an aperture is opening up for us to heal the past. The present, in its infinite wisdom, is allowing us to touch the old wound, offering us [read more…]

Apr 162012

1.  We are blessed with a room full of hearts eager to listen to our big, round drums, secret chambered winds, ancestors summoned and stories sung. 2. Don’t you know that the real definition of bravery is being afraid and doing it anyway? 3. A fire roasting in the hearth, lanterns glowing on the path, stars freckling the night. 4. The afterglow of a performance well-received spills well into the next day, making everything exactly [read more…]