Jan 092013

  Embodying the Dream A 4-night Dreaming Retreat for Women Dates: Aug 1-5, 2013 Place: Snowdonia, Wales In ancient times, our ancestors saw no separation between us and the cosmos. Nature and humanity were inextricably linked and it was our prayers that kept the sun and moon rising, our rituals which ensured the rain to fall on our crops, and it was our songs which brought the planets into right alignment. Sadly, the Elders who [read more…]

Aug 172012

    In this 4-week online course, November 3rd to December 2nd, you will be learning the Cornerstones of Dreamwork.  Using an intimate blend of art, theory and practice, dreamers learn to understand the structure and language of dreams & develop the tools necessary to begin bridging their wisdom back to waking life.  This series is excellent for beginner and intermediate dreamers.  The weekly online classes will cover the following topics:   Week 1: Dream Architecture Dreamwork is [read more…]