Sep 042017

Artwork by Cloudy Thurstag

We took a wonderful walk yesterday, around a conservancy project here on our island. It’s very quiet there, off the beaten track, a haven to a growing number of diverse species of animals and plants. Previously a golf course, this gorgeous land is now regrowing its wild self. It’s the result of a complete transformation that began five years ago.

It wasn’t as simple as leaving it alone. Pipes have been removed from deep in the earth, hundreds of native species have been replanted, nurselogs have been introduced. And, most importantly, a fence is surrounding it so it will be protected, left to become the thriving wetland it once once.

Rewilding the psyche is like this. We must look at the ways in which our unconscious has been harnessed, and narrowly directed, removing those limitations so it can flow freely. Dreamwork is a powerful way to do this, because we are shown in every dream what unconscious patterns we might be stuck in, but we’re also given wildly creative solutions to our questions.

Then we must plant new seeds of inspiration, from books and other mentors who reflect our native self back to us, and introduce any other good habits which return us to our souls. But then we must build an unimpeachable boundary around our lives in order to protect the gradual process of remediation.

For many, this boundary is primarily to keep the needs and demands of others at bay. But often we also need a more intimate form of remediation. The fence which protects and values our spiritual and creative life above all else. We are so used to giving this time up first, as if it were expendable. But at a certain point everyone comes to realise that the quality of what they are giving is only so rich as the soil from which it’s been harvested.

So like the golf-course-come-wild-habitat, a complete reversal of our priorities is necessary. Instead of overploughing our creativity, we need to invest in its protection. While it may seem like the boundaries you are creating are selfish, they are actually improving the conditions for your generosity.

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  14 Responses to “Rewilding the Psyche”

  1. This sounds almost too good to be true ……

  2. This is one of those blessed pieces that found fertile soil in my being. Already it has set roots and begun to grow into its own. As I eke out bits of space and throw together my fence, I am so thrilled (to manic) to see where my creativity lived that I overplough it on sight and then grieve it’s speedy passing. Beautiful. This one will live on in me. And I thank you.

  3. Thank you Toko-pa. Such a powerful analogy and one that strikes deep at the heart of me. I have been allowing my garden to return to it’s wildness and have been marvelling in it’s joys and treasures. It’s spring here and I have an expansive field of wild freesias. People stop in their tracks to take in it’s beauty and smell it’s divine scent. They are literally transported to somewhere heavenly in their being. Each day I take photos of the bees of all varieties that thrive amongst it. They appear to hover around me to my delight. It was very timely to read your beautiful piece and realise that it was an analogy for what I am doing with my own psyche. Unleashing it to it’s wildness and with a real awareness of the need for boundaries and their purpose. Joy. Thank you.

  4. I might agree to the idea of boundaries as an initial step. I certainly agree on caring for ones self. Put your oxygen mask when the plane is going down then assist. In the end it is my desire to walk with no boundaries to engage the good, the not so good to be of the this world fully. A wish of peace, wisdom, and strength.
    the evening gardener

  5. This was the perfect message for me today. Thank you!

  6. This resonated with me as I continue to struggle to build & keep boundaries to protect myself & my needs. Do you have any ways of connecting with likeminded souls Toko- Pa? I feel it could be nurturing.

    • Thanks for reading Jacqui! I do hold lots of different events, workshops, retreats – both online and in the body. They are always filled with gorgeous, soulful people. If you’re interested, please have a look around my website.

  7. Thank you for your message. It provided a glimpse into an answer I have been searching for. This: “the quality of what we are giving is only as rich as the soil fro which it’s been harvested.” Much need words for me today. And, the idea of setting a boundary of protection around the soul self was understood via building a mote around my interior castle, but not pulled in deeply enough until now. Your words were a blessing to me today.

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