Sep 172014
Victo Ngai

Artwork by Victo Ngai

In these times of devastating ecological and social collapse, there are those of us who feel an urgency to attend to the world ‘before it’s too late.’ But the great paradox is that this very tendency to rush anxiously ahead is what got us into trouble in the first place.

In the Aboriginal way of dreaming, the past and future are embedded in the present. One’s embodiment is the ground into which all continuity flows, so the past can be just as influenced as the future by one’s way of going in the here and now.

Let the way that you walk be slow. Let us listen to the pleas of our surrounding thirsts. Let us acknowledge the forgetting which drifted us onto this terrifying precipice. Let the grief of it all make its encounter through your remembering. And may beauty come alive then, under your feet.

Excerpted from the upcoming book “Belonging” © Toko-pa Turner 2016. To read more, sign up for Toko-pa’s free newsletter here:

Artwork by Victo Ngai

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A writer, artist and tender of dreams, Toko-pa has been interviewed by CNN News & BBC Radio and her writing has appeared in publications around the world. Thanks to Skype, she works with dreamers internationally in her Private Dreamwork practice, based on Salt Spring Island in Canada. You can find Toko-pa on Facebook or sign up for her mailing list to receive news about upcoming events.

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  9 Responses to “The Way that you Walk”

  1. this is so timely, so right on….”let the way that you walk be slow” exactly! thank you Toko-pa….

  2. This is so helpful to me as I am a person who always wants to fix things. Thank you.

  3. Just beautiful!! Beautiful Truths..let us walk slowly ,let us listen to the pleas of our thirsts…

  4. Thank you for this important reminder, Toko-Pa. I do get carried away with the idea that “time is of the essence” in protecting and saving our Mother Earth. And it is. But perhaps it is, indeed, “Dream Time” that will save her, and us, after all. I will give your words careful thought in my meditations…..Again, thank you. Blessings to you. Sheila

  5. “you can recognize a goddess by the way she walks.” (Homer. THE ILLIAD)

  6. Thank you. This is how I’ve come to experience being human. Slow is now my only pace and I absolutely understand about the past and the future, a very different interpretation of the space/time continuum. xo

  7. your writings are very insightful and eloquent 🙂
    Great blog..

  8. I’ve always been slow–slow to understand–slow to figure it out–slow to heal—it is good and healthy to slow down—listen, feel, observe, remember–and you will accept life more

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