Oct 092013

Painting by Holly Sierra

Because most of us have been orphaned from our ancestral land and the ways of our people, we suffer with the restlessness and ache of not-belonging. Instead of trying to regain what has been lost, Martín Prechtel teaches that we must learn to live in the way our ancestors lived; in reverence and indebtedness to the Holy in Nature.

One such powerful practice is to create a place in your home where you know the origins of everything. Not just where a thing came from, but who made it and with what skills, and at what cost to its roots. This Place of Origin may be small and sparse at first, but you add to it over time and, when the young ones come up around you, you tell the stories that you’ve collected in the hopes that one day, where you stayed put becomes a place of Belonging again.







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  One Response to “Place of Origin”

  1. Oh, this makes me weep this morning. Thank you. We just had our interview with Martín Prechtel on Wednesday, and he just rocked our world, in all the best ways. This sense of belonging, I know we are all craving it. He talked about how we keep trying to get away from this culture that doesn’t work, but that instead we should settle in and make peace with it, see the beauty, get to know every story again. It was exactly what I needed to hear. So thankful for this wisdom!

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