Aug 202011

1. Visiting the organic cafe where my Beloved has been working for the last month to find he has made everyone fall in love with him.

2. After a long housing drought, we are suddenly showered with options. As we are walking from one viewing to the next, we make up the Options Opera in harmonized rounds.

3. The beach is covered in  a white shawl of seaweed, blanched by the sun.

4. It is so peaceful in our borrowed cabin in the valley that it’s a revelation when I discover the community of radicals living tucked in the forest behind us.

5. Our first home together is a palace, perched on a mountain in the trees.

6. The owner of our house, an exquisite potter, is a Buddha. She is one of those special creatures who deeply loves being alive and thusly whom abundance reaches.

7. Inspired by my Beloved’s unfailing mastery in the kitchen, I decide to step it up a notch and make a tantalizing kidney bean biryani.

8. The summer air, thick with dragonflies and significance.

9. Willingness to turn down a lesser free ride to invest in that which is in true alignment.

10. Opportunities springing into colour like wildflowers.

11. Feeling into the physical sensations of Havingness – a confidence which sparkles in the eyes and laughs easily, which knows its value is counted in beauty & originality, which takes risks playfully and as a matter of course, which doesn’t distinguish between giving and receiving.

12. Intending to be the sort of someone whose belief in the unknown is so solid it provides shelter for others in doubt.

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