Oct 052007

For inspiration this week, I want to share an amazing digital art project called Dreamlines.  It is a self-proclaimed Dream Interpretation Machine which, once you enter the keywords of your dream, searches the Internet for related images and generates a perpetual painting in motion from them.  It is, as the artist Leonardo Solaas writes, analogous to free-association, but by whom?  Enjoy!

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  3 Responses to “Dream Interpretation Machine”

  1. sir

    i wish to receive Dreamspeak newsletter everyweek. kindly enroll me me &keep on sending every week

    thanking u


    d p chaturvedi

  2. I saw your on blog on dreams. Would you like to have a link to your site from Dreamcrowd?

    Just include a blurb about the site in your blog and use this form or email me the link.


  3. It doesn’t work for me… : (

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